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UniqueTek, Inc. Introduces Shooter's Shock Absorber™, Recoil Absorbing Wristband

Gilbert, AZ – November 12, 2004 – UniqueTek, Inc. introduced its Shooter's Shock Absorber™ recoil absorbing wristband.

The Shooter's Shock Absorber™ is designed to absorb recoil shock, thus preventing shooter's elbow, reducing muscle fatigue and reducing recovery time between shots.

The Shooter's Shock Absorber™ is worn on the wrist to absorb recoil shock energy. Shock amplitude is reduced by 70% and shock duration is reduced by 50%. The primary advantage of the Shooter's Shock Absorber™ is that it absorbs shock at the wrist, before it can be transmitted to the muscles and tendons at the elbow. But it also dampens the duration of the recoil shock, thus reducing recovery time between shots. This could be significant over the course of a shooting match.

"This is just like having a shock buffer for your wrist," says Lee Love, UniqueTek's Product Design Engineer. "The technology has been available and used successfully for many years for golf, tennis and other sports, but this is the first time it has been adapted for shooting sports."

We had the Shooter's Shock Absorber™ tested by Daniel R. Furbee (I.C.O.R.E. and U.S.P.S.A. Master Class revolver shooter and International Revolver Championship, 2002 World Champion (stock division). Here is what he had to say; "In 2004, I started using the UniqueTek Shooter's Shock Absorber™. Within a few weeks I noticed a definite difference. Less fatigue during extended practice sessions and I definitely thought my splits were faster on rapid-fire stages. After a little testing I discovered that my rapid fire, single target splits had decreased by .02 seconds per target and I was maintaining my usual accuracy while using major loads in my S&W 625 .45 revolver. Less fatigue, faster shooting and good accuracy, that's a winning combination. Thanks UniqueTek."

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UniqueTek, Inc. is a company offering unique products for shooting sports and reloading. Besides the Shooter's Shock Absorber, their product line includes a Micrometer Powder Bar Kit for the Dillon Auto Powder Measure, D-Lead Hand Soap and D-Wipe towels for lead decontamination of hands, tools and work surfaces, and Ultra Clarity lens cleaner for safe cleaning of precision optics including those with the new Anti-Reflective (AR) coatings. New products are constantly being researched and more will be announced soon.

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