More Customer Feedback on Micrometer Powder Bar Kitâ„¢

"I just installed my first micrometer kit yesterday and just got done testing it. Very nice! After entering sample weights for the 0, 1, 2, and 3 measurements I used your spreadsheet to get a setting for 18.7 gr of H110, dialed it and weighed 10 charges … perfect! I'll be buying another kit for a large powder bar to load .223/5.56! I use two different powders and load five different bullets for 300 AAC Blackout using a small charge bar. This is going to be a serious time saver!"
— Todd B. - Eugene, OR (4/19/15)

"The Micrometer Powder Bar Kit in combination with the Precision Powder Baffle, allowed me to finally get consistency in my Winchester 231 loads. My chrono velocities now come in at less than 20 feet per second standard deviation and 3.5 power factor standard deviation! No more worrying about making Chrono at my USPSA matches."
— Rob C. - Cody, WY

"I have fairly recently purchased your "improved " powder measure bars for the Dillon 550. I installed one and had you install one. I have just started using the large powder measure bar and all I can says is. "why did I wait so long to make the change." I used to hate changing calibers or bullet weights because it would take me so long to reset the powder throw weight. After I calibrated the bar with the provided chart, it's a piece of cake. Thank you for a great product."

— Robert P. - Tampa, FL (11/28/14)

"Just a brief note of thanks for recommending the powder bar kit for my Dillon reloader. Your directions are flawless and with the great illustrations you provided, installation was a snap. Thanks also for providing the download for the calibration curve spread sheet, invaluable."
— Mike M. - Tempe, AZ (3/31/14)

"This thing works great! I dialed in the exact load of Titegroup powder first throw (after calibrating the spreadsheet). I don't know how I could have gotten by all these years without it."
— Russ L. - Enterprise, AL (9/16/11)

"The Micrometer for my Dillon powder measure is just fantastic! The best $$ I have ever spent on my reloading equipment!!!! Every Dillon user should have one each of these...they just make the best in reloading machines even better. Also the baffle inside the powder measure works very well too."
mdash; Herman S. - South Africa (11/12/10)

"Thank you for designing and manufacturing such a terrific product. Since I've received the Micrometer Powder Bar Kits, I've been busy reloading several different calibers (.45, 9mm, .30 Carbine, .40 S&W) with several different powders (WST, VV N310, Unique, Universal Clays, H110), doing the calibrations, and creating the calibration spreadsheets for the powders. I have been very impressed with the linear fit of the data obtained and the rock solid charge weights obtained with your micrometer and the Dillon powder bar and powder measure." "I finally had the opportunity to reload using a different charge weight for a powder I had previously calibrated. I needed 4.2 grains of WST and plugged the weight into my WST spreadsheet. It told me to set the micrometer at 1.02 WOW!!! Exactly 4.2 grains of WST throughout 200 rounds. What a timesaver. I really don't see how anyone can use the Dillon powder measure without your product. Thank you again."
— Rick H. - Rochester, NY (8/2/07)

"I just purchased and installed the micrometer powder bar kit and I want to thank you for coming up with such an excellent tool. It is what my Dillon SDB has needed for years. I load 4 different loads using 2 different powders in 45 ACP and changing loads has always been a time consuming and frustrating task. After plotting the calibration curves I tested the unit to see how accurate it is. I threw many powder charges at different settings. The repeatability is precise and the settings are within 0.1 grain of the plotted curve. I also load several loads in 45 Colt and have a separate powder measure for that toolhead. I will soon buy another micrometer for that powder bar."
— Steve P. - Meridian, MS (12/31/06)

"All I can say is....WOW! Where has this product been my reloading life! No more screws, no more dials/knobs. Setting up a load is so easy. You have a sure winner, and I'll be sure to toot your horn to my fellow shooters. Threw some charges in there to do the calibration curve, tried out the "guess" and it was spot on."
mdash; Vince L. - Latrobe, PA (8/6/06)

"The products showed up in the mail today. (Which was much quicker than I expected!) I'm on my way out to the garage to start installation. Thank you for the spread sheet. It will be a huge time saver when switching between my .40 major and minor loads. Thanks again."
— Robert N. - Rockwall, Texas (2/5/06)

"This is a great product with top notch design, materials & workmanship. Exactly what my presses needed."
— Walt J. - Janesville, WI (9/9/05)

"Very, very neat. I'm going to be developing some IPSC loads for major 9, which is going to be a LOT of load development with at least 3 different powders. The micrometer powder bar kit should make this task much easier."
— Scott F. - Marysville, WA 9/7/05

"Just tried the whole arrangement out. Way cool! It actually works! I need another one. I'll call you tomorrow. Thanks a bazillion."
— Jerry W. - Cave Creek, AZ 9/7/05

"The UniqueTek Micrometer Head Unit for the Dillon charge bar is working for me. I think you have a very useful and economical solution for the Dillon Powder Measure Charge Bar situation...... which will allow the convenient use of a SINGLE Powder measure (and single charge bar) for reliable powder throws; over a Range of desired charges and a Variety of Powders. And you can tell anyone & everyone I said so! All I need now is a "SECOND (&anp; perhaps even Third)" [micrometer] for my LARGE, and EXTRA SMALL powder Measure charge bars. "
— Philip P. - Alexandria, VA (5/2/05)

"The installation was a snap. Better yet, the micrometer powder bar kit makes life so much easier. Thanks a bunch."
— Larry S. - Scottsdale, AZ (3/31/05)
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