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UniqueTek, Inc. Adds Two New Electronic Powder Scales To Its Product Line

Gilbert, AZ – September 15, 2005 – UniqueTek, Inc. announced the addition of two new electronic powder scales to its product line … The High-Precision Electronic Powder Scale with 0.02 grain accuracy and the Compact Electronic Powder Scale with 0.1 grain accuracy.

The High-Precision Electronic Powder Scale features extreme 0.02 grain accuracy, making it five times more accurate than typical powder scales. It is the only powder scale currently available with greater than 0.1 grain accuracy. The primary advantage is that it allows precision handloaders to tighten up one more variable … specifically powder charge weights.

The Compact Electronic Powder Scale is smaller than any other available powder scale. Its capacity is 775 grains with 0.1 grain accuracy. A rigid folds-up cover protects the scale when not in use or during transport. It is rugged and small enough to take to the range.

"Until now, handloaders wanting higher accuracy or portability were overlooked by the shooting industry," says Lee Love, UniqueTek's CTO/Product Manager. "Their only alternatives were expensive laboratory grade scales that weigh in grams or jewelers pocket scales that weight in carats. Our two new scales satisfy their needs and prove that a powder scale doesn't need to be large or expensive to be good."

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