News - 2X Powder Hopper Tube™ and Precision Powder Baffle™

UniqueTek, Inc. Introduces 2X Powder Hopper Tube™ and Precision Powder Baffle™

Gilbert, AZ – October 1, 2007 – UniqueTek, Inc. introduced its 2X Powder Hopper Tube™ and Precision Powder Baffle™, upgrades for the Dillon Precision Auto Powder Measure.

The 2X Powder Hopper Tube™ doubles the capacity of the Dillon powder measure and the Precision Powder Baffle™ ensures consistent flow of gunpowder to the powder bar.

The primary advantage of the 2X Powder Hopper Tube™ is that it allows users to load twice as many cartridges before having to stop to refill the powder hopper. Less frequent filling of the powder hopper has the additional advantage of minimizing the disturbance of the powder already in the powder hopper, yielding more repeatable powder weights.

The Precision Powder Baffle™ is an integral part of the 2X Powder Hopper Tube™. It ensures a uniform flow of gunpowder to the powder bar. It is also available in a version sized to fit in the original Dillon powder hopper.

"I'm really happy to offer another enhancement for Dillon Precision reloading presses," says Lee Love, UniqueTek's Product Design Engineer. "We have several more product ideas already on the drawing board.".

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UniqueTek, Inc. is a company offering unique products for shooting sports and reloading. Their product line includes other enhancements for Dillon reloading presses including a Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™ and 550/650 Toolhead Clamp Kit™. They also sell a wide variety of ancillary products including UniqueTek Premium Weapons Cleaner™, Ultra Clarity® lens cleaner and D-Lead® lead decontamination soap. New products are constantly being researched and several will be announced soon.

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