Micrometer Powder Bar Kit
Micrometer Powder Bar Kit
Micrometer InstalledMicrometer KitMicrometer in Small Powder BarMicrometer in Large Powder Bar
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Micrometer Kits are Temporarily Out of Stock
Preinstalled in Powder Bars is Limited Inventory.
Backorders are not being taken at this time.

The UniqueTek Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™ upgrades your existing powder bar to a micrometer powder bar. No more guessing how many turns of the adjustment screw will get you back to that perfect powder weight.

Precision 40tpi Micrometer Head
Durable All Steel Construction.
Fits All Powder Bar Sizes
Also fits SL 900 Powder Bar and Shot Bars! *
* Minor modification required.

Much more than just a dial or knob … the Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™ replaces the original 1/4-28 adjustment bolt with a true precision micrometer with 40 threads per inch. You will be able to return instantly to any powder weight setting with a speed and an accuracy never before possible. Of course, you still must weigh and confirm all powder weight setting changes.

— Kit includes: Micrometer head, Loctite® and installation instructions.†
† Powder bar not included in kit.
FREE Calibration Curve Spread Sheet
Calibration Curve
(Click on chart to view larger)
We provide a FREE Excel spread sheet you can use to generate "calibration curves" for each of your gunpowders. With a "calibration curve," you can predict the micrometer setting to give you any desired charge weight for that gunpowder.*
* You still must weigh and confirm all powder weight setting changes even when using a calibration curve that you have generated yourself.
.xltx format
Calibration Curve
.xltx format
.xltx format
Calibration Curve
.xlt format
To download a copy of the Calibration Curve
spread sheet for Microsoft Excel, click on the
icons at left. Version for both the current .xltx
and older .xltx formats are available.
Q: Will this spreadsheet work with rotary drum powder measures (e.g. Redding, RCBS, Hornady, Harrell's, Lee) that have
Q: micrometer adjusters?
A: Absolutely! But, as always, you'll need to generate a new curve using your powder measure and gunpowder of choice.

Web App icon Try our new Micrometer Setting Calculator Web App. Calculator
It works on both Android and iOS devices.
It is Free to use!

Note: If you "Add to Home Screen", you can access it with a single tap!

Installation Option 1:
The Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™ isn't that difficult to install yourself. But we do offer installation. Send us your powder bar and we'll install the Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™ for a $30.00 service fee. We install in any size powder bar for the same price. Just select one of the two Installation Options from the drop-down menu when ordering,
– Installation for 550/1050/1100 Press - (T1231-IK550/1050)
– Installation for 650/750/SDB Press - (T1231-IK650/SDB)
Cost = $109.95 ^
^ $79.95 for Micrometer Kit + $30.00 for Installation

Then ship us the following:
1) A copy of your order.
2) The powder bar in which you want the micrometer installed.

Ship the above items to:
UniqueTek, Inc.
540 W. Iron Ave., Suite 118
Mesa, AZ 85210

Installation Option 2:
The Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™ is available preinstalled in a new powder bar. Just select the one you need from the drop-down menu when ordering.

– Preinstalled in Small Powder Bar for 550/1050/1100 Press - (T1231-5S)
– Preinstalled in Large Powder Bar for 550/1050/1100 Press - (T1231-5L)
– Preinstalled in Small Powder Bar for 650/750/SDB Press - (T1231-6S)
– Preinstalled in Large Powder Bar for 650/750/SDB Press - (T1231-6L)
Cost = $129.95 ^
^ Same price for all 4 options.

Q: Will it fit in the plastic Powder Drop Slide made by Arredondo Accessories?
A: Yes. But the installation is tricky and must be done by us. We carry the Arredondo Powder Drop Slide with our Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™ pre-installed. Click here for details.

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Precision Powder Baffle™
Don't forget to check our our Precision Powder Baffle™. It greatly minimizes variations in powder drop weight versus powder hopper fill level and makes a great companion to the Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™.

Micrometer Powder Bar Kit and Precision Powder Baffle are a trademarks of UniqueTek, Inc.
Loctite is a registered trademark of the Henkel Corporation.
Disclaimer: Dillon Precision does not authorize the Micrometer Powder Bar Kit™ for use on any of its reloading presses and its use may void manufacturer or dealer warranties.
installation instructions

Thimble Size 0.5 inch diameter
Thread Pitch 40 thread per inch
(replaces the 28 thread per inch bolt)
Precision .001" per division
(≈ .02 grains Win 231 in Small Bar)
Range 0.000" to 0.750" linear travel
(allows full range of adjustment with all powder bar sizes)

Customer Reviews

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Instructions are great, BUTI have installed four of these units on Extra Small through Magnum bars. They are a great improvement without question. The one problem I had was the quick setting thread locker. I think a slower setting version would be an improvement. I have had two of the four set up before I had everything just like it should be. Perhaps I am getting slow in old age (83) but I suspect others have had the same problem. Written by James T Collins on Fri 16 Oct 2020 5:34:51 PM GMT
Best money I've spent on reloadingI've been running an XL650 that I bought used about 15 years ago. I've had to replace some parts along the way but it's still running fine. It has a few Dillon accessories like a bullet tray and roller handle, case feeder, etc. However, I recently started noticing the upgrades that are available. I bought cam rollers, thrust bearings, and more. Everyone of them improved the operation of the press. Some of those improvements were marginal, others were dramatic. So far the best of them has been the powder bar micrometer. It makes dialing in a specific load a snap. If you need to run off incremental powder charges, that's something I always did manually. A series of powder adjustments on the Dillon was just too tedious. No more. You still have to validate the powder drop changes with a scale, but charges are accurate and easy to fine tune. Great product. I just wish I found it sooner. Written by Shorel on Sat 4 Jul 2020 4:40:59 PM GMT
By far the best upgrade I've made to my 650This thing is a must have. I know most people love their Dillons, but I pretty much hate mine. In stock form, they really aren't operable - the hokey primer catches that leave both used and unused all over your floor, the snapping shell plate that sends powder flying, the inability to stop the primers or shells when you need to correct a problem, excessive friction in multiple areas...there's a cottage industry of "upgrades" out there because honestly the machines really don't work without companies like Uniquetek making products that correct major engineering flaws. But nothing is worse than the stock powder measure, especially when you're trying to work up loads and making lots of changes. It's imprecise, wildly inconsistent, and the process is infuriating. Until you install this. I'm floored - i just worked up the excel sheets for four different powders, a very easy process. I validated the slope for each powder, using it to predict a couple values for each, and was simply amazed when it consistently threw the number given, right out of the gate. Charge weights still wander a bit as the measure itself just isn't that precise, but even that seems improved, although I'm not sure how. But the real difference is, you're now pegged to the actual average instead of chasing it all over the place every time the measure throws a wild charge. I trust this thing so implicitly now that if I follow the recommended charge and the first throw is a little off, I'll throw a few more and check the average, as i suspect it's the measure acting up, not the math which is spot on. Simply the best upgrade I've made to this machine (and I've made them all). Thank you!! Written by BHogan on Sat 2 May 2020 6:15:32 AM GMT
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