Shooter's Shock Absorber
Shooter's Shock Absorber
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The Shooter's Shock Absorber™ absorbs recoil energy at the wrist, before it travels to the sensitive tendons of the elbow and carpal area. It utilizes a proprietary, high-density liquid metal, encapsulated in a spherical housing, that acts as a powerful shock buffer ... thus preventing shooter's elbow and wrist conditions.

When subjected to the recoil from a firearm, a counter wave is produced within the capsule, neutralizing some of the recoil energy.
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Reduces Recoil Stress on Wrist and Elbow
Reduces Recovery Time Between Shots (Split Times)
Reduces Muscle Fatigue
Reduced Perceived Recoil

Engineering studies conducted at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and at HAKO Research Laboratories, concluded that the Shooter's Shock Absorber reduces vibration amplitude by 70% and vibration time by 50%.*

oscilloscope graph
*Data collected using oscilloscope connected to a piezoelectric sensor and to a computer to average data.

Instructions for Wear
Wear just above the wrist bone. It should fit snugly, but comfortably. Do not over tighten. You may want to adjust the band for comfort after a brief period of wear.

The Shooter's Shock Absorber™ was tested by Daniel R. Furbee (I.C.O.R.E. and U.S.P.S.A. Master Class revolver shooter and International Revolver Championship, 2002 World Champion (stock division). Here is what he had to say;

"In 2004, I started using the UniqueTek Shooter's Shock Absorber. Within a few weeks I noticed a definite difference. Less fatigue during extended practice sessions and I definitely thought my splits were faster on rapid-fire stages. After a little testing I discovered that my rapid fire, single target splits had decreased by .02 seconds per target and I was maintaining my usual accuracy while using major loads in my S&W 625 .45 revolver. Less fatique, faster shooting and good accuracy, that's a winning combination. Thanks UniqueTek."
— Dan Furbee - Mesa, AZ

Customer Feedback
"The Shooter's Shock Absorber is worth every penny! When I first saw the product I was skeptical as to how effective it could be. I thought how could a silly little ball on my wrist help with my aching elbow? Well I was convinced into trying the product and WOW it works! Every competitor gets tired and sore toward the end of a match, some more than others. I found when I used the Shooter's Shock Absorber, fatigue was less, I felt less pain in my elbow, and recoil control shot to shot is better allowing for faster splits. I find myself quite upset these days when I forget to bring my shock absorber to a match! I have shown myself through trial and error that they work very well!"
"April 2012, I won Master limited at the South West Regional Revolver match in Morro Bay, CA using the Shock Absorber."
— Tom Hubbard - ICORE, Master Limited

"Shooter's Shock Absorbers are outstanding!. Use them on both wrists with alloy revolvers for I.C.O.R.E., USPSA and Man-on-Man. Can shoot all day with no hand or arm fatigue. Won't shoot without them on."
— Phil S. - Lovelock, NV

"I wore it for the first time this past weekend at our weekly club match. For the first time in a long time, I have had no elbow pain in the following week. I really believe that your product has a lot to do with the lack of discomfort in my elbow. Now I haven't seen my splits go down to .10 secs, but I am working on that :) :) Seriously, thanks for a great product."
— Deron W. - Frisco, TX

"I shoot a 38/357 and my husband ordered your wrist strap [Shooter's Shock Absorber] for me. I have a weak thumb joint and this strap makes a noticeable difference in the "kick" I receive. Thanks for a good aid."
— Sue Ellen H. - Lubbock, TX

"The shooter's Shock Absorber that I purchased from you 3 months ago works, and has permitted me to continue practical shooting in USPSA/IPSC competitions. I had suffered pain in my wrist, hand, forearm, shoulders and neck. (I am just an average competitor, check for yourself – (USPSA #A44787). In fact, 8 months ago I had an operation on my right hand for carpal tunnel syndrome. I sass out of shooting for over an year dealing with this injury."
"When I came back to IPSC, I called you and it was suggested that I try this Shooter's Shock Absorber. I bought one for each wrist. For the first 2 weeks, nothing much changed. After that first month I noticed my shooter's elbow wasn't so painful, and neither was my wrist. After he second month the elbow syndrome was gone. It wasn't until this last third month that my wrist finally healed. Unbelievable! I have been shooting with a tuned down Glock 35 in the Production division since coming back in January. Now, the only thing that hurts is looking at my sores at the end of a match. I would recommend that anyone with these pain symptoms or problems to give this [Shooter's Shock Absorber] a try and stay with it. Don't expect immediate miracles, expect to get better in time."
— Steve M. - San Francisco, CA (3/25/09)

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Features Benefits
Ultrasonically Welded Polycarbonate Capsule High-Impact Plastric Won't Ever Leak
Lightweight (only 1.5 oz), You'll Hardly Feel It's There!
Adjustable Velcro wristband with a Soft Breathable Backing. Comfortable
Wristband is Washable 20,000 times! Durable
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