Clarity DEFOG it DRY Anti-Fog Cloths
Clarity DEFOG it DRY Anti-Fog Cloths
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Don't let your shooting be slowed down by fogged lenses! Clarity® DEFOG it™ is the convenient, effective way to eliminate fogging due to cold temperatures and high-humidity conditions. Get streak-free, film-free, longer-lasting fog prevention on Shooting glasses and Scopes … as well as other precision optics such as Sunglasses, Camera lenses, Binoculars, etc!

Clarity® DEFOG it™ is a breakthrough DRY anti-fog formula! The DEFOG it™ soft cloth spreads a dry, invisible ultra-thin coating that absorbs moisture. Fog microdroplets are absorbed into the coating, instantly spread across the film's surface, and evaporate back into the air before fog can form.
It clearly outperforms other brands!

Easy to use... Just wipe the dry cloth over the lens. No sloppy sprays or goop.
Easy to carry... Fits easily in your pocket or range bag.
Economical... Up to 10 applications from each cloth!

Recommended by SIMUNITION for the lenses in their FX®9002 Helmet and FX®9003 Head Protector.

Includes: 3 individually foil-packed anti-fog cloths.

A customer put Clarity® Defog It™ Anti Fog to a torture test over hot steam.

Remember, a fog-free view starts with a clean lens!
Tuck away several of our Clarity® CLEAN it™ lens cleaning wipes, along with a Clarity® DEFOG it™ cloth, and you'll be ready ... come rain or come shine!
Download our FREE "Tips" file "Cleaning Precision Optics".
Clarity is a registered trademark of Nanofilm.
DEFOG it is a trademark of Nanofilm.
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Features Benefits
Works Great on Scopes, Binoculars and Shooting Glasses
Safe for all lens coatings including A/R and IR
Contains No Silicones!
Non-flammable, Non-toxic
Multiple applications from each cloth
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