Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant
Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant
3" Needle Applicator (included)
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Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant is a versatile penetrating formula of Super Fine grade Moly (Molybdenum Disulfide) and Graphite with rust and corrosion inhibitors in a fast-evaporating carrier solvent.

Newly reformulated in December 2006, specifically for the requirements of weapons lubrication. The advantages of this new formulation are:
Reduced Coefficient of Friction
Longer Lasting Lubrication Film
Can be Applied to Hotter Surfaces (up to 125°F/51°C)
Requires Less Agitation

Another factor determining a moly lubricant's effectiveness is the ability of the carrier to creep into small openings and deliver the moly particles uniformly to all surfaces. The liquid carrier in Dri-Slide® Weapons Lube has been specifically formulated to assure uniform moly distribution.

In tests of weapons lubricants conducted during the Persian Gulf War, Dri-Slide® moly was named the best "for all parts that dust may get to: trigger groups, bolt carriers, operating rods, slides and barrels of pistols, M16 upper receivers, and for internal parts operating at high speeds and temperatures." Soldier of Fortune, February, 1991

Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant goes on wet, penetrating into even the smallest spaces, and stays on dry after the liquid carrier evaporates. Dri-Slide provides long-lasting dry film protection, outlasts oily lubricants, does not attract dirt or dust, prevents rust and corrosion, and promotes a clean bore.

Coating bores with Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant will;
Increase muzzle velocity
Significantly reduce fouling
Increase barrel life
Quicker and easier alternative to Moly coated bullets.

Use Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant on the main shaft (ram) and pivot pins and your press will operate smoother than ever before! And since it is a dry film, there is nothing to dry out, gum up, or collect dust or powder residue. We recommend cleaning off any remaining oil based lubricant (UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™ works great for this) before applying Dri-Slide®.

Dri-Slide's broad range of uses makes it popular not only as a weapons lubricant, but for industrial and aviation applications, as well. It is the most widely specified dry film lubricant in aviation maintenance manuals.

As Mentioned In:
Rifle Sporting Firearms Journal, "Lubrication" by Gil Sengel, November 2008, vol. 40, no. 7, pages 32-37. Click Here to Read

Customer Feedback!
"A few days ago, I brought out my 1911 that had been liberally coated with [product name redacted] and found that it was really stuck up and sluggish! It actually smells rancid! It was touted as the best thing that a shooter ever had! I will NOT use that lubricant again! Don't know why I switched! The Dri-Slide I had been using for 50 years was working great!"
— Alan F. – South Fork, CO

"Thank you for the prompt shipment of your Dry-Slide. It was sent to our son in Afghanistan. It is the only lube he will use on his rifle."
— Nick & Linda M. – Woodbourne, NY

"Best stuff I found, because hardley any sand, dust, or debris sticks to it. It also will not gum up like the oil based lubes do, after sitting in the safe awhile."
— Bob M. – Phoenix, AZ

"The original Dri-Slide used in the Vietnam War was a Godsend. I speak from personal experience... This stuff is even better!"
— Stephan E. – Spokane Valley, WA

Dri-Slide® Improved Weapons Lubricant, 4 oz plastic bottle with 3″ Needle Applicator = $14.95

Shipping Restrictions: Due to current shipping regulations, Dri-Slide® can only be shipped via UPS Ground. When placing an order that includes Dri-Slide®, please remember to select UPS Ground as the shipping method. Due to this shipping restriction, we also can not ship Dri-Slide® to US destinations outside of the lower 48 States regardless of shipping method.

Dri-Slide is a registered trademark of Russack, Inc. Made in Canada Logo

Moly Concentration 12% by weight
Coefficient of Friction 0.02-0.06
Moly Particle Size 0.50-0.60 micron (Fisher No.)
Features Benefits
Dry Film Will Not Attract Dust, Sand or Grit
Fast Drying Solvent Carrier Yields Uniform Moly Distribution and then Evaporates Quickly
Needle Applicator Gets Into Hard to Reach Locations
Broad Effective Temperature Range: -20°F to +750°F (-7°C to 399°C)
Withstands Extreme Pressures Up to 100,000 PSI
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