Clarity DEFOG it
Clarity DEFOG it
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Clarity® DEFOG it™ provides long-lasting anti-fog protection on today's high-technology lenses and coatings used on:
Eyeglasses and sunglasses.
Sports optics like goggles and face-shields.
Binoculars, cameras, rifle scopes and pistol scopes.
"Permanent" anti-fog coatings that need refreshing.

It imparts superior anti-fog properties, especially on lenses with the latest organic A/R (Anti-Reflective) coatings.

How It Works
Clarity® DEFOG It's proprietary formulation creates a uniform moisture-absorbing layer on the lens surface that helps disperse the microdroplets of fog across the lens surface so visible fog doesn't form.

Long-Lasting Protection
Clarity® DEFOG it™ has been rigorously tested on the most popular brands of lenses and coatings and compared to the most popular brands of anti-fog. The results prove that Clarity® DEFOG it™ stays clear — even after simulations of moving from cold to hot environments 100 times.

5ml (0.17oz) bottle of DEFOG it™ liquid concentrate
6″ x 6.75″ microfiber application cloth

Up to 100 Uses Per Bottle:
A 5ml bottle doesn't sound like much. But it is concentrated ... so one tiny drop will treat a large area and there are approximately 100 drops per bottle!!!

A customer put Clarity® Defog It™ Anti Fog to a torture test over hot steam.
Although the video shows the disposable towelettes, it works the same as the liquid.
The liquid and microfiber cloth combination sold here, is more economical to use than
the towelettes although you may find the convenience of the towelettes advantageous.

NOTE: For best results, lenses should be cleaned prior to application using a high-quality lens cleaner such as Clarity® CLEAN It™ Optics Cleaner.

Download our FREE "Tips" file "Cleaning Precision Optics".

Clarity is a registered trademark of Nanofilm. NTOA Member Tested and Recommended Logo Made in USA Logo
Features Benefits
Safe for all lenses and lens coatings including IR and A/R
Superior performance on A/R coatings
Contains no Silicones
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