UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner
UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner
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“It's the Clear Solution!”

UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™ is a highly efficient solvent-based cleaner for all firearms. Being virtually odorless and nontoxic, it is safe to use indoors where ventilation may be poor. Since it contains no aromatic solvents it won't swell rubber or attack plastics.*

Virtually Odorless — Can be used safely indoors
Nontoxic †
Low Volatility
Won't Swell Rubber or Plastics*
Contains No Aromatic Solvents (e.g. Xylene, Benzene, Toluene)
Contains No Chlorinated Solvents (e.g. Methylene Chloride)
Contains No Water
Crystal Clear, Colorless and Non-Stain
pH Neutral (7.0)^

Q: Why doesn't UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™ contain a lubricant?
A: All-in-One CLP (Cleaner/Lubricant/Protectant) products are great for a 'quickie' at the range or in the field, but they are a compromise. Cleaning and lubricating should be done as two separate steps. Because it contains no oil or other additives, UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™ evaporates completely, leaving nothing behind to burn, congeal or collect dust. After cleaning, your favorite gun lube can better penetrate into the metal pores yielding a superior lubrication film.

Available in the Following Bottle Sizes:
2 oz plastic bottle = $4.95
4 oz plastic bottle with flip-up dispenser cap = $6.95
8 oz plastic bottle with flip-up dispenser cap = $9.95
1 qt plastic "Refill" bottle = $21.95
1 gal plastic bottle = $49.95
8 gal (2, 4-gallon cases) = $379.95 †

† Gunsmiths & Armorers: New Multi-Case Pricing
If you select the 8 Gallon option (2 cases of 1 gallon bottles) you will get a 5% discount off the individual 1 gallon price.
If you need a specific quantity greater than 8 gallons, please call.

Works Great In Ultrasonic Cleaning Baths:
Although you can use one of the many types of ultrasonic cleaning solutions, we recommend that you consider trying UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™. It is safe to use on all gun parts including composite grips and other plastic materials.* The composition and cleaning efficiency doesn't change with time or due to evaporation. It can even be filtered and reused.

NOTE: UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™ should always be used at 100% strength and never be diluted with anything.
If your ultrasonic cleaner has a heater, leave the heater turned off. Heating the cleaning solution will not significantly increase cleaning effectiveness but will greatly increase loss due to evaporation.
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Customer Feedback!
"I just wanted to drop a note about your premium firearms cleaner, which I just reviewed on Amazon. I got a bottle at the Area 7 Championship last year and it has become my new favorite cleaner. It is a great product! And I love that it does not make my gun room stink like some of the other cleaners I have used over the years. Thanks!"
— Chris J.

"You had asked me what I thought of the firearms cleaner. Well, you and it get my highest rating for integrity. The cleaner works as advertised. What else does anyone want from a product? It cleans well without harsh chemicals. I do custom 1911 work and my work area is very small, your cleaner is a pleasure to use - and it cleans!"
— Irwin S. &ndasg; Fairfax, VA

"Hi, I just recently purchased your micro fiber cleaning towels as well as your Premium Firearms Cleaner and I am really impressed. I should have ordered a larger bottle because this stuff really works. It even got the hammered on gunk out of my Browning .22. Fast shipping and great communication."
— Frank D. – Austin, TX

"I have used MPro7 and Butches Bore Shine and several other cleaners. The Premium Firearms Cleaner works much better than any I have used. I couldn't believe how fast it cleaned the wads from the shotgun cylinder's. Worked great on my rifles and pistols also."
— Steve G. (SASS alias "Clean Top") – Wildomar, CA

"I tested the UniqueTek Cleaner and found that it cleans very well, it cleans at least as well as MPro7, with a little more scrubbing than MPro7 takes for the same amount of cleaner. It cleans off all of the visible residue and leaves the firearm clean and dry ready for relubing and reassembly."
— Steve S. – Mesa, AZ

UniqueTek, Premium Firearms Cleaner™ and "It's the Clear Solution" are trademarks of UniqueTek, Inc.
* Since it is impossible to predict the action of solvents on all of the many plastic formulations used on
   firearms, either new or antique, test all cleaning solvents on an inconspicuous location before using.
^ Please note that UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™ does not contain any water, therefore a pH
   cannot be established until mixed with water.
† Contains NO California Proposition 65 Listed chemicals.
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Shipping Restrictions:
Due to current shipping regulations, UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™ can only be shipped via UPS Ground. When placing an order that includes UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™, please remember to select UPS Ground as the shipping method.
Due to this shipping restriction, we also can not ship UniqueTek Premium Firearms Cleaner™ to US destinations outside of the lower 48 States regardless of shipping method.

Features Benefits
No Aromatic Solvents (e.g. Nitrobenzene, Xylene) Safer to Use
No Terpenes (e.g. Camphor, d-Limonene) Won't Attack Elastomers (e.g. rubber)
No CFCs Won't Deplete The Ozone Layer
No Ammonia Doesn't Stink and Won't Embrittle Brass
Non-Acidic Won't Pit Metal
Non-Corrosive & Water Free Nothing to Cause Metal Corrosion

Customer Reviews

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Great Product!I'm the coach of the Wickenburg High School Rifle Team here in Arizona and I had a bottle of your firearms cleaner sitting on the shelf in our shop for a few years and never used it until this morning. We'll be using it a lot more!!!! I was blown away by how well this stuff works. Great product! Written by Rex Powers on Tue 7 Sep 2021 11:52:11 PM GMT
Best I have foundI collect a lot of older military firearms and I have been using the Premium Firearms Cleaner in my ultrasonic tanks for the past couple of years. Hands down the best cleaner I have found, especially for removal of decades of build up and cosmoline. Great product and I would recommend it to anyone. Written by Jeff Wilson on Wed 8 Apr 2020 8:01:45 PM GMT
Excellent CleanerI run my guns hard being a 3 Gun competitor and go many, many rounds in between cleaning. Been using this cleaner for a couple of years now and start every cleaning session with it. I believe that it does a much better job than any of the all in one cleaners. My competition firearms operate much smoother and function more reliably using this cleaner before lubricating. Does not leave any residue that would possibly interfere with lubricants. Written by John Duncan on Thu 15 Mar 2018 4:05:21 AM GMT
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