D-Lead Hand Soap
D-Lead Hand Soap
D-Lead Hand Soap 1Gal Bottle
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D-Lead® Hand Soap provides safe and complete removal of lead and other heavy metals in a fast acting, grease cutting formula ... but without any silica abrasives.

Extra strength to effectively remove lead from hands even when coated with tough greases, oils, adhesives, dirt and hydraulic fluids. No harsh solvents or chemicals to irritate the skin and no EDTA to interfere with wastewater. A fast-acting hand cleaner which provides thorough, effective cleaning and decontamination.

If you need an abrasive hand soap for extra heavy duty cleaning, see our D-Lead® Abrasive Hand Soap. Both types are equally effective at removing lead and other heavy metals.

Lead Removal Chart Q: I already wash my hands after shooting or reloading. Why do I need a special soap?
A: D-Lead® Hand Soap was designed specifically to remove lead and other heavy metals from skin. The chart at left shows removal of lead compounds by D-Lead® Hand Soap compared to conventional hand soap after 60 seconds of washing. D-Lead® Hand Soap removes significantly more lead than conventional soap.

D-Lead Hand Soap Pricing:
— 3-Pack of 8 fl oz bottles = $15.95
— 1 gal. bottle = $29.95

Dispenser PumpDispenser Pumps for 8oz and 1gallon bottles.
Available as an option. Just select it from the drop-down menu when you order.
Pump for 8oz Bottle (DP980): [0.5ml/stroke] = $1.95
Pump for 1Gal Bottle (DP920): [1/8oz/stroke] = $4.95
Note: These pumps will not work with D-Lead® Abrasive Hand soap as the silica abrasive prevents the check-valve from sealing.

Worried about your Blood Lead Level?
D-Lead® Hand Soap will help you keep the lead out!

"Both myself and my doctor are happy with the continuing lower lead level in my blood thanks in part to the continued use of your products."
— Gerald M. – Indianapolis, IA

"Getting the Lead Out in Alaska", The Range Report, Vol 11, No3, Summer 2008, pages 8-9.
A new article from the The Range Report about an indoor shooting range's efforts at lead decontamination and reducing the blood lead level of its workers. Click Here to Read

Need Other D-Lead® Products?
If you need other lead removal products (e.g. laundry detergent, equipment & surface cleaners, whole body wash & shampoo, lead test kits, etc.). UniqueTek carries the complete line of D-Lead® products. Just call Lee Love at 480-507-0866 or send an email.

D-Lead is a registered trademark of Esca Tech, Inc. Made in USA Logo

Features Benefits
Removes Lead, Molybdenum (Moly), Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium, Mercury, Silver and Zinc
Mechanic's Strength to remove metals along with grease, oils, hydraulic fluids and adheasives
Removes firing range residues
Works in under 60 seconds
Contains no EDTA
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