Time-Out Case Cleaner Timer
Time-Out Case Cleaner Timer
Time-Out with Dillon CV-500 Brass PolisherReplaceable Lithium Backup BatteryHeavy Duty 30A RelayCSA Tested and Approved
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We found a new company that is manufacturing these timers. A sample has been received and tested and found to perform identically to the original. It even looks identical.

Ever get tired of watching the clock for your case cleaner? Wish you could set it for a specific amount of time and then just walk away, confident that it will shut off when the timer runs out? That is exactly what the Time-Out™ Case Cleaner Timer will let you do. Plug the timer into an electrical outlet, plug your case cleaner into the timer, then just set the time and press start. The power shuts off when the time counts down to zero so you are free to take Time Out from watching the clock!

Digital Count-Down Function
Unlike common security timers, the Time-Out's Digital Count-Down function won't turn back on 24 hours later. You must enter the desired run time and press the start button to begin another session. So you can truly "set it and forget it." With a 10 Hr time limit and 1 min setpoint intervals, the Time-Out™ Case Cleaner Timer gives you precise control over the time your case cleaner runs. Plus, the timer has dual outlets, so you can run two case cleaners simultaneously!*
* Both outlets switch ON and OFF at the same time and are controlled by a single timer setting.

♦♦♦ Reviewed in Front Sight; July/August 2007, Pages 57-58. ♦♦♦

"I got one of these case cleaner timers from you about a year ago. This is a must have accessory for the case cleaners. I always load up the cleaner at the end of a reloading session and let the timer turn them off for me. Hate to admit it but I have let it run all weekend one time, and that is when I ordered the timer from you. Thanks for being on the lookout to make reloading fun and safe."
— Randall P. - Fresno, CA

Also Has Security Timer Functions
The Time-Out™ Case Cleaner Timer can also be used as an energy saving and security timer.* It has 7-day cycle and can be programmed with up to 8 ON/OFF times per day. Unlike typical analog security timers, switch intervals can be set as close as one minute apart! You can set your own program or use one of the 8 preset programs.

For Indoor use only. Keep away from moisture.
Time-Out is a trademark of UniqueTek, Inc.
CSA Mark

Input AC 125V / 60Hz
Output 1875 Watt, 15A, 1Hp
Operating temperature 14°F to 104°F (-10°C to 40°C)
Back Up Battery CR2032 Lithium Battery (Easily Replaceable)
(keeps memory >200 hours after power failure)
Plug Type 3-Prong Grounded
CSA Certified Complies to UL Standard 916
Features Benefits
LCD Display Easy to Read
Max. Set Time = 9 Hr 59 min No Need to Restart Timer Multiple Times
Min. Set Time = 1 min Gives you Complete Control of Time Interval
Dual switched outlets (only one visible in photo) Time Multiple Polishers at the Same Time
Can be used with all Vibratory or Tumbler type case cleaners Universally Compatible
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