Deer Hunter Pen
Deer Hunter Pen
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Only 9 Pens Available!

This unique Deer Hunter Pen is hand crafted exclusively for UniqueTek by John McFarland of Silver Fox Pens. If you remember, John is the craftsman who made the unique .45 Caliber and Bolt Action pens we had previously. The demand was so high that we asked John to come up with something new … and he did!

The Details!
The Pocket Clip looks like a Trophy Buck with a Really Big Rack
The Pen Barrel is turned from Woodland Camoflage Acrylic
The Metal Below the Pen Barrel is Engraved with a Trophy Buck
The Pen Tip is made to look like a .30 Caliber Rifle Cartridge
 Cycling the Bolt Action Extends the Pen Tip
The Metal has an Antique Brass Finish

 Pocket Clip

    Bolt Action

Camo Pen Barrel

Trophy Buck Engraving

Note on Refill: These pens use a standard Parker type refill. To change the refill, simply unscrew the "bullet".
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