Gat Rack Handgun Rack
Gat Rack Handgun Rack
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Gat Rack™ Handgun Rack is the most adaptable and economical rack for use in gun safes, display cases, drawers, shelves or closets. Gat Rack™ is adjustable to fit virtually any handgun, with or without a scope.

Why pay $20, $30 or more for a handgun rack that will be hidden away in your gun safe? Gat Rack™ is economical enough for use in your gun safe, but elegant and sturdy enough for use in display cases. And, when not in use, the Gat Rack™ can be disassembled and folded flat for easy storage.

Gat Rack's unique shape allows you the flexibility to adapt it for virtually any handgun regardless of barrel length, grip shape or the presence of a scope. The Gat Rack™ can also be used to store and display rifle scopes!

The photos at right show just a few examples of the many ways the Gat Rack™ can be used.

TIP!: If you get two or more Gat Racks, you can mix or match the end panels … expanding the capability of the Gat Rack even further!!!

TIP!: Take a Gat Rack™ to the range!. Since the Gat Rack™ can be quickly and easily disassembled, and packs flat, it is compact and portable enough to take to the range!

Gat Rack is a Trademark of TCM Tool. Made in USA Logo

Handgun Slots 4
Width 8-1/8"
Height 4"
Length Adjustable from 0" to 8"
Features Benefits
Fully Adjustable Fits Barrel Length
Holds Scoped Handguns Don't Need a Different Rack for Scoped Handguns
Won't Attract or Hold Moisture or Oil Will Not Rust Your Handguns
Disassembles and Folds Flat . For Easy Storage and Transport
Can be used to Store or Display Rifle & Pistol Scopes Added Versatility
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