Clarity CLEAN it Lens Wipes
Clarity CLEAN it Lens Wipes
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The latest anti-reflective and superhydrophobic anti-reflective lenses can be difficult to clean because of the "slick" lens surface. Ordinary lens cleaners bead up and roll off, leaving dirty residue behind … even with repeated rubbing. Clarity® CLEAN it® is a Next Generation formula, engineered especially for AR and superhydrophobics. Instead of beading up, it instantly spreads across the surface, truly coating it with cleaner. The formula then breaks the bonds of dirt and begins to absorb the dirt on contact … even before the lens is wiped. The result is fast, streak-free, haze-free cleaning … especially on fingerprints, the most stubborn mix of soils and body oil.

Single Wipes in Tear-Open Foil Packs
Each tear-open foil pack contains a single, pre-moistened, non-scratch towelette. From first to last, each wipe stays fresh, clean and moist. Several can be tucked away in your range bag or just in your pocket, ready for immediate use, without the bulk or weight of a spray bottle. They are especially handy for the range or when hunting.

Each Box Contains:
51 individually foil-packed pre-moistened lens wipes.

Clarity® CLEAN it® is Recommended for:
Eyeglass & Sunglass – All Glass, Polycarbonate and Plastic lenses
Camera & Camcorder Lenses
Binoculars, Spotting Scopes
Sports Optics, such as Goggles and Face Shields
Computer Screens & TV Screens (Plasma, LCD, LED and CRT)
Cell Phones & PDAs … especially Touch Screens!

Approved By Colt!
Clarity® CLEAN It's formulation has received COLT'S approval, recognizing the product's cleaning effectiveness and safety. Neutral pH won't etch glass lenses or damage sensitive optical coatings including the new Anti-Reflective (AR) coatings and Infra-Red (IR) coatings. Contains no silicones to leave behind a smeary film.

Customer Feedback
"Just want you know that your Clarity CLEAN it Lens Wipes work great. We have tried other wipes and they do not compare. These wipes do a superb job on all our reading glasses and sun glasses. They do equally well on the optics of our laser range finders."
— Henry A. - Windermere, FL (6/22/16)

"For years, I've been using eyeglass wipes called "Clarity Clean It". They are made for coated lenses, and I've used them on my pro glass with zero issues."
"I've tried other wipes, but Clarity is the best because they leave no residue and aren't too wet. Just the perfect amount of moisture – which means that I can clean my lenses in one step without having to buff with a dry lens cloth afterwards."
"I use them on all my photo excursions and they are an item that I wouldn't even think about leaving behind."
"As for eyeglass wipes in general, I'd stay away from those with perfumes and any that don't specifically state that they are safe for use with coated/multi-coated/anti-reflective lenses."
"I can personally and strongly vouch for Clarity Clean It."
— Dan S. - Slippery Rock, PA

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Features Benefits
Safe for All Lens Materials: Glass, Polycarbonate, etc.
Safe for All Lens Coatings
Contains No Silicones
Ammonia Free!
Neutral pH
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