Drymate® Gun Cleaning Pad
Drymate® Gun Cleaning Pad
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The Drymate®Gun Cleaning Pad protects your table and firearms from scratches and spilled cleaning fluids and lubricants. Perfect for rifles, shotguns, muzzleloaders, and handguns. Keeps parts organized and in place. The clear bonded backing prevents "soak-thru". Durable, stain resistant and long lasting.
The UniqueTek logo is emblazoned in white the lower left corner of the pad.

Drymate Gun Cleaning Cloth DiagramAll Drymate® Waterproof Products feature Zorb-Tech™ anti-flow absorbency technology (absorbent, yet waterproof). Soft, stain resistant, felt-like fabric is coated on one side with a clear, durable, special bonded backing that prevents "soak-thru" from above or below. All Drymate® Waterproof Products are machine washable and dryable. The plush fabric side absorbs and contains many times its weight in water, trapping spills before they run and do harm to tables and floors. The non-abrasive waterproof bonded backing protects the surfaces it comes in contact with from scratches.

The Drymate® product line is almost unlimited in its uses and satisfied customers keep writing and telling us new ways they have found to use our products. They use them as plant coasters, picnic blankets, tent liners, seat protectors, pet mats, kennel mats, trunk liners or hundreds of other uses. The construction of our mats makes their use very versatile.

Cleaning Pad Size:
"Pistol" size [16" x 20"] (T1283-P)

NOTE: We currently stock these only in green, just like the photo.

Drymate and Zorb-Tech are a registered trademarks of RPM, Inc.
Many Drymate Products are covered by US Patents 6,419,988 and 6,136,377.
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Features Benefits
Waterproof and Impervious to Gun Cleaning Solvents Will not "soak-thru"
Stain Resistant Keeps Looking Good!
Machine Washable & Dryable Easy to Clean
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