Lee Universal Case Expanding Die
Lee Universal Case Expanding Die
Lee Universal Case Expanding Die - Configurations
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The Lee Universal Case Expanding Die gently flares the case mouth to accept cast bullets without shaving. Includes expander plugs for .22 cal through .45 cal.

Adjustable for Caliber and Case Length
Two CAD designed tapered expander plugs (included) can be configured to accommodate calibers from .22 cal. through .45 cal. and case lengths up to 3″. Fine adjustment is easy using the Adjusting Screw on top of the die.
Universal Case Expanding Die diagram
Diagram courtesy of LEE PRECISION, INC.

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DIY Dedicated Case Mouth Expander Die
You can use the Lee Universal Case Expanding Die as a holder for any Dillon Powder Funnel to make a dedicated case mouth expander die. Just remove the Lee expander plugs, replace them with a powder funnel, and screw the die cap down snug. Then install in your press and adjust as you would any die.
The image at right shows the Lee die body with a Dillon .45 ACP Powder Funnel installed.

NOTE: For safety, you must drill a 1/8″ hole through the top of the cap to vent pressure in the event of an accidental primer detonation.

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