HygroSet Digital Hygrometer
HygroSet Digital Hygrometer
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The HygroSet™ Digital Hygrometer monitors the relative humidity and temperature at your reloading bench, powder or primer storage cabinet, or inside your gun safe. Knowing the humidity is just as important as all the other data you record in your reloading log, especially if you live in an area with frequent high humidity or if your reloading bench is located in a damp basement.

± 2% RH Accuracy!
The HygroSet™ Digital Hygrometer has an outstanding ± 2% Relative Humidity Accuracy … better than many hygrometers costing twice as much! It is also the first of its kind capable of being easily adjusted after calibration at the factory. A calibration knob on the front panel adjusts the humidity display by 1% per click. Then just press the small "set" button to lock in the adjustment.

Built In Magnetic Mount
The HygroSet™ Digital Hygrometer has a built-in magnetic mount and comes with an adhesive backed metal plate for mounting on nonmagnetic surfaces.

Place a HygroSet™ in your Gun Safe.
It's not only handy, but important to monitor the humidity in your gun safe. Although electronic dehumidifiers such as a GoldenRod® have very long lifetimes, they occasionally do fail ... or accidentally get unplugged. And desiccant canisters usually get pushed to the back where they are out of sight and out of mind ... and become exhausted without you realizing it. The HygroSet™ provides a visual indication of both humidity and temperature inside your gun safe. So you know at a glance if your guns are still being protected against moisture.

FREE! Download "Tips" File #7: "Humidity and Handloading"
Note: The Humidity and Handloading "Tips" File also contains instructions on how to easily and cheaply calibrate any hygrometer!  Click Here

HygroSet is a trademark of Quality Importers Trading Co., Inc.
GoldenRod is a registered trademark of Buenger Enterprises, Inc.
Humidity Accuracy ±2%
Humidity Range 20% to 90% RH
Temperature Units °C or °F
Temperature Accuracy ±1°C or °F
Temperature Range -4° to 122°F
(-20° to 50°C)
Display LCD with 1/2" tall digits
Power 1 - 357A button cell
Dimensions 2-7/16″ W x 1-7/8" H x 9/16" Thk
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