Rifle Rods
Rifle Rods
Small Rifle Rod Kit - 10 GunMedium Rifle Rod Kit - 20 GunLarge Rifle Rod Kit - 40 GunExtra Rifle Rods - 6-Pack17 cal. Rifle Rods - 2-Pack
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Gun safe owners have 3 major complaints:
1) "I can't get as many guns in as I thought due to scopes, etc."
2) "It's difficult to get access to guns in the rear of the safe."
3) "I'm damaging my guns getting them in and out."

Rifle Rods by Gun Storage Solutions are the just what you need to expand the capacity of your safe, provide easy access, and minimize the risk of damage to your guns. For less money that the tax you would pay on a new gun safe, you can make your safe organized and at the same time hold more guns!

Below is an example of the space saving benefits of using Rifle Rods. The photo on the left shows a 24 gun safe as it came from the factory ... containing only 18 long guns. Believe it or not, these 18 long guns (5 with scopes) fit in HALF of this safe (photo on right) after reconfiguring with Rifle Rods! There is now room for all 18 guns (6 guns across, 3 deep), PLUS room for pictures, jewelry, important documents and other irreplaceable items.

Gun Safe Before and After Rifle Rods

Rifle Rods Work With ALL Long Guns
Rifle Rods are 16" long and work on every long gun ... rifles, shotguns, etc. Rifle Rods fit all barrels from .22 caliber and up! A special rod for .17 caliber rifles is also available. The nylon rods can't damage the rifling, plus, they can't absorb or hold moisture, oils or gun cleaning solvents. The Velcro® fabric included in each kit is industrial strength fabric and will not "fuzz" after multiple cycles of attaching and detaching the Rifle Rods.

An Intro To Rifle Rods

Rifle Rods Installation & Tips

Customer Feedback
"The Rifle Rods are the greatest thing since sliced bread and anyone who isn't already using them just doesn't know about them. It turned my cramped safe into a very useable space, that I now do not have to damage several guns or optics trying to get one out for a day at the range. These things are the bomb! ......and they fit everything from the grandkids cricket .22 to my 308 sniper rifle and the Remington rolling block 45-70!"
—Michael M. – Henrietta, TX

"Back around Christmas my mother-in-law purchased me the large set of rifle rods from you. These have saved me so much more room in my gun safe it's unbelievable. Great product!"
– Brian B. – Jeannette, PA

"I recently ordered your "Rifle Rods" kit and "Handgun Hangers". Thank you for changing my life and bringing new life to my gun safe. Unbelieveable. I store my fly rods and fly reels in the gun safe as well. Before, I had to move all the fishing gear to get to the guns. Now, it is guns on one side, all 20 of them and rods and reels on the other. Thanks for making this "Unique" product available."
—Dave F. – Billings, MT

"I would like to thank you for making a fantastic product. The 10 rifle rod kit really expanded the storage capacity of my safe. I initially thought the cost was quite reasonable but quickly realized the actual cost was much more than I intended to spend. The hidden cost of having to go out an buy more guns to fill up all the extra space made this a very expensive purchase (not to mention the additional jewelry I had to buy my wife to keep her happy). All kidding aside, you have a great product and another very satisfied customer."
— Rick – Ft Wayne, IN

"The products arrived today. Thanks for the prompt shipping. I spent the evening reorganizing the contents of my safe."
"I hate to rave needlessly, but the rifle rods are great!! I took apart my safe's internal rack and the accompanying shelving, installed the velcro, and put my rifles back in the safe. They took up about 1/2 as much room as they did before. I was able to reinstall the shelving -- without the rack -- without any problem."
"The handgun hangers worked great, too, allowing me to organize and safely stow several of the handguns that did not fit on the rack that occupies my safe."
"This is wonderful, just plain wonderful. It's simple, it's cheap, and it works unbelievably well."
— Jim K. – Tucson, AZ

"I recently purchased 20 rifle rods for use in a fourteen long gun safe. These items [Rifle Rods] are great. I now have 18 long guns in the small safe. thanks for a great product."
— Alan H. – Martinez, CA

10 Rifle Rod Kit (T1327-10) = $39.95
     – 10 Rifle Rods
     – 19"x15" Velcro® fabric

20 Rifle Rod Kit (T1327-20) = $74.95
     – 20 Rifle Rods
     – 19"x30" Velcro® fabric

40 Rifle Rod Kit (T1327-40) = $139.95
     – 40 Rifle Rods
     – 19"x60" Velcro® fabric

Extra Rifle Rods (T1327-6) = $17.95
     – 6-Pack of Rifle Rods

.17 Cal. Rifle Rod 2-pack (T1327-17) = $9.95
     – 2-Pack of Special .17 Cal. Rifle Rods †

† If you have a .17 caliber rifle, you will need one of these special Rifle Rods. The .17 caliber Rifle Rods have a smaller fiberglass shaft that is super strong and sized to fit the bore.

♦ Also check out "Handgun Hangers" to increase your gun safe capacity for handguns! Click Here!

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