Eva-Dry Renewable Mini-Dehumidifier
Eva-Dry Renewable Mini-Dehumidifier
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The The Eva-Dry™ Renewable Mini-Dehumidifier has been designed to absorb moisture from small enclosed areas such as a gun safe. It will help protect guns and other valuables from the damaging effects of moisture including mold, mildew and rust. It is 100% renewable and needs no power to operate. Hang the Eva-Dry™ unit in a gun safe, or other small enclosed space, and it will start to adsorb moisture. It uses a specially engineered crystallized silica gel desiccant that is odorless, non-toxic and completely safe.

E333 Indicator WindowMoisture Indicator
There is an indicator window with special "moisture meter crystals" that change from blue (when dry) to pink (when wet) to indicate when the unit needs to be "renewed". The E-333 will adsorb approximately 4-6 ounces of moisture. Depending on humidity levels this will take about 3-6 weeks in a large closet, but will take much longer in a gun safe. Once the moisture has been adsorbed it cannot leak or spill.

E333 Electrical PlugHow To "Re-New"
The difference between the Eva-Dry™ and other desiccant canisters it in how easy it is to "renew". Simply remove the unit from where it is adsorbing moisture and plug it into a power outlet in a well ventilated area (patio, garage, outside area, etc.) A built-in heater warms the crystals allowing them to expand and release the moisture into the air as water vapor. It takes about 10-12 hours to completely "re-new" the unit. The built-in heater consumes only 18 watts of power, so it is much more efficient than the old fashion method of baking a desiccant canister in the kitchen oven. When the Eva-Dry™ is completely renewed, the indicator crystals will change back to blue. The unit is brand new again and ready to adsorb another 4-6 ounces of moisture.

The crystals will remain active for 10 years if used correctly and is covered by a 5 year limited manufactures warranty.

Do I need an Eva-Dry™ in my gun safe?
Q: My gun safe already has a GoldenRod® heating element. Why do I need an Eva-Dry™?
A: A heating element only serves to create air circulation and keep the temperature above the point at which the moisture will condense. But it can't remove moisture from the air.

Q: Which is better, a GoldenRod® or an Eva-Dry™?
A: The best option is to use both a GoldenRod® and an Eva-Dry™. The GoldenRod® creates air circulation and the Eva-Dry™ adsorbs moisture from the circulating air. The result is better than either unit can achieve alone!

Q: Where is the best location to place an Eva-Dry™ in my gun safe?
A: Always place the Eva-Dry™, or any desiccant canister, at the top of your gun safe. This may seem backwards of logic, but moist air is actually less dense than dry air, so it tends to rise.

Q: I live in Europe. Is there an Eva-Dry™ for 220V/50Hz?
A: The Eva-Dry™ is not available for 220V/50Hz. But you can use an inexpensive transformer to drop the voltage from 220V to 110V. Since it is just a simple heating element, there is no problem running it at 50Hz, but it may take a bit longer to "re-new". Voltage converters are available on the Internet for as little at $8.00 USD.

Q: In all the Eva-Dry™ descriptions, it says adsorb instead of absorb. Is that a typo?
A: No. Silica gel works by adsorption, which means that the water molecules adhere to the surface of the silica gel. The silica gel is very porous, therefore it can adsorb up to 40% of its own weight in water. Absorption means that water molecules dissolve into the material rather than clinging to the surface.

FREE! Download the "Tips" file, "Humidity and Handloading"
Note: The Humidity and Handloading "Tips" file also contains instructions on how to easily and cheaply calibrate any hygrometer.

Eva-Dry and the Eva-Dry logo are trademarks of eva-dry.
GoldenRod is a registered trademark of Buenger Enterprises, Inc.
Size 6.25" W x 4.75" H x 1.25" T
Color White Sand
Silica Gel Weight 1 lb.
Total Unit Weight 1 lb. 2oz.
"Re-New" Power 120V/60Hz/18 Watts — U.S. 2-prong plug
"Re-New" Time 10-12 Hours
Features Benefits
Absorbs 4-6 ounces of water Less Frequent "Re-New" Cycles
Services up to 333 cubic ft. area One Covers Most Closets and Gun Safes
Plugs in to any wall outlet to "Re-New" Easy to "Re-New"
No Cords or Batteries Never Runs Out of Power
Lasts 10 Years Long Life
No Spill, No Mess and Non-Toxic Safe for Children and Pets
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