Marlin Spring Kit
Marlin Spring Kit
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The Marlin Spring Kit reduces the spring tension of your Marlin rifle action. It will give you a lighter, smoother action and slightly lighter trigger pull. These kits are made by Palo Verde (SASS #56,522).

Fits the following Marlin rifles:
Model 1894 - All Models
Model 1895 - All Models
Model 336 - All Models
Model 444 - All Models
Model 39A

The Marlin Spring Kit contains:
1 Hammer Spring
2 White Nylon Hammer Spring Bushings
2 Blue Nylon Hammer Spring Bushings
4 Red Adjuster Washers (only 3 shown in photo)
1 Lever Plunger Spring
Detailed, Step By Step Instructions with Photos

Spring Tension Adjustable to 7 Tension Levels
Unlike other spring kits for Marlin lever action rifles, the Hammer Spring (Main Spring) tension is adjustable to 7 tension levels by using various combinations of the nylon bushings and adjuster washers included in the kit ... without cutting the spring! So, if the tension is too light, you can adjust it without buying a new spring! This tension can be adjusted high enough to accommodate cartridges loaded with very hard primers. Each adjustment step will increase or decrease the spring tension by approximately 8%.

The Marlin Spring Kit is easy to install and does not require a gunsmith. Only two tools are needed; a screwdriver to remove the tang screw and a 1/16" pin punch to remove the plunger retaining pin. Detailed, step by step Instructions with photos are included. I can't say if a caveman could do it, but I'm confident I could do it without ever having seen the internals of a Marlin rifle!

Read reviews of the Marlin Spring Kit in the following magazines!
Larson E. Pettifogger; Springs & Things;Cowboy Chronicle; Volume 26, No. 3, March 2013, Page 24-25. Click Here to Read
Todd G. Lofgren; Get The Lead Out; Guns of the Old West; Winter 2013, Pages 9 & 15.

Customer Feedback
"Best aftermarket spring upgrade I've ever used for Marlin lever actions."
— Jon B. - Devils Lake, ND

Marlin Spring Kit is a trademark of Palo Verde Gunworks, LLC. Made in USA Logo

Features Benefits
Adjustable Spring Tension (7 Levels) Wide Range of Adjusbility
Nylon Bushings Reduce Friction and Maintain Spring Alignment
Zinc Plated Springs Resist Corrosion
Detailed Instructions Included Easy to Install

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Marlin spring kit used in Henry Big BoyInstalled this in a big boy used in sass. Was able to adjust tension to allow setting off all types of primers while still reducing overall tension. Reduced short stroking events and speed-up lever time. Definitely worth the cost and install time. Written by Thad Greer on Sat 15 Jan 2022 3:35:22 PM GMT
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