550 Spent Primer Chute
550 Spent Primer Chute
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The 550 Spent Primer Chute™ replaces the Spent Primer Cup on Dillon RL 550 reloading presses. Spent primers are routed through clear PVC tubing into any convenient waste container.
Fits Dillon reloading press models RL 550B, RL 550C, BL 550, AT 500 and RL 450.

No more spent primers bouncing out and onto the floor when you reload!

The 550 Spent Primer Chute™
 encloses the Spent Primer Catcher Chute, preventing spent primers from bounce out and onto the floor! Comes with 3 feet of clear PVC tubing ... long enough to route spent primers to a container under your reloading bench. Route it to an empty 5-gallon paint pail and you won't need to empty the spent primers for a very long time!

550 Spent Primer Chute™
Custom molded in strong, durable Black HDPE.
3 Feet of Clear 1/2" PCV Tubing
Installation Instructions

Easy Installation:*
1. Attach the clear PCV tubing to hose barb on bottom of 550 Spent Primer Chute™.
2. Lower Operating Handle to its fully down position.
3. Remove Spent Primer Cup from Right Link Arm.
4. Install 550 Spent Primer Chute™ on Right Link Arm.
5. Route clear PVC tubing to a suitable container located under reloading bench.

* Refer to the Schematic and Parts List in your Instruction Manual for the part names and their locations on the press.

Customer Feedback
"I got my first Dillon in '73. I've had spent primers on the floor ever since. I have a Lee press for special jobs that has a tube attached to the primer catch. I cobbled up something similar for the 550, but it still bounced primers out. I bought one from eBay and it also was too shallow and bounced."
"Then I bought the 550 Spent Primer Chute. Deeper, it fits and surrounds the bottom of the primer catch chute on the toolhead carrier. I've filled a quart jar with primers in the past four weeks. Not ONE of them on the floor!"
"Can't ask for more than that."
— Geoff B. - Tempe, AZ

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Gun Digest; Hardware Talk, "Stop Chasing Primers" by Patrick Sweeney, Volume 38, Issue 12, September 2021, Page 12-13. Click Here to Read

650 Spent Primer Chute Installation  
Recycle Those Spent Primers!
Primers are brass, not steel. A 2L Soda Bottle holds approximately 12 pounds of spent primers.
At the current recycling price for brass, that's about $18 per bottle!

550 Spent Primer Chute™ is manufactured by Bob Hahin "Original Bob Sled".
US Patent No. D711490
Made in USA Logo

Color Black
Material HDPE (100% virgin)
Manufacturing Method Injection Molded

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Another must haveBeen using the 550 since 72 or 73. Been searching the floor for errant primers, ever since. Bought one of these, and found that for such a simple idea, it works great. No more primers on the floor. Written by Carl C Ibsen on Mon 12 Nov 2018 11:11:49 PM GMT
One of the best upgrades for the moneyThe Achilles heel of the RL550 is the primer system. Lee has developed and is selling two enhancements that bring this system up to the level of perfection for the rest of the press. The 550 Primer track bearing and the Spent Primer Chute could not be two finer products. Both are easy to install and make loading that much more of an enjoyable hobby. Written by Les S.- St. Louis on Sun 23 Oct 2016 10:45:19 PM GMT
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