650/750 Spent Primer Chute
650/750 Spent Primer Chute
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The 650[750 Spent Primer Chute™ replaces the blue plastic spent primer cup and bracket on Dillon XL 650 and XL 750 reloading presses. Spent primers are routed through clear PVC tubing into any convenient waste container. The 650/750 Spent Primer Chute™ completely covers the spent primer ejection port, creating a fully enclosed pathway for spent primers ... so they simply can't bounce out!

No more spent primers bouncing out and onto the floor when you reload!

Comes with 3 feet of clear PVC tubing, long enough to route spent primers to a container on, or under, your reloading bench. Route it to a 5-gallon paint pail and you won't need to empty the spent primers for a very long time! You can even drill a 1/2" hole directly under the press, run the PVC tubing through the hole, and place a container under your reloading bench where it is out of the way.

650/750 Spent Primer Chute™.
3 Feet of Clear 1/2" PCV Tubing
Installation Instructions

Yes! It fits on the new XL 750 press!

650 Spent Primer Chute Installation
    Easy Installation:
  1. Remove the Spent Primer Cup and Spent Primer Cup Bracket.
  2. Install the 650/750 Spent Primer Chute™ using the included screws.
  3. Attach the tubing to the 650/750 Spent Primer Chute™ and route to any convenient container on, or under, your reloading bench. The tubing can be cut to length as needed.

The 650 Spent Primer Chute™ will not fit certain older XL 650 presses ... manufactured prior to about 1997. These older presses do not have the same mounting bracket for the Spent Primer Cup, so don't have the threaded screw holes needed to mount the 650 Spent Primer Chute™.

WILL NOT FIT: If your 650 press is quipped with Spent Primer Cup Bracket (part #13421) and Spent Primer Cup (part #13420), the 650/750 Spent Primer Chute™ will not fit.*

WILL FIT: If your 650 press is equipped with the blue Spent Primer Cup (part #16211) and Spent Primer Cup Bracket (part #16209) attached by two screws (part #14689), then the 650/750 Spent Primer Chute™ will fit.*

* Please refer to the "Platform Assembly Drawing" in your Dillon XL 650 Instruction Manual for these part numbers and their locations on the press.

Although the SL 900 Shot Shell Reloader is based on an XL 650 frame, the 650/750 Spent Primer Chute™ will NOT work.
209 shotshell primers are too large to pass through the 650 Spent Primer Chute™ fitting.
Customer Feedback
"Of all UniqueTek products I use, the spent primer chute has to be the one that has been most useful and beneficial! So simple and so good. Of course, it obviously relieves me of the need to frequently dump the small Dillon spent primer cup which usually resulted in spilling them on the floor. But the BIG advantage came as a total surprise = How clean it leaves my press and shell plate and primer disk. Before the Spent primer chute, pieces of spent primer anvils/powder residue etc would somehow end up all over my press in places where it caused constant problems. I had to constantly blow off and clean the affected areas of my 650 press. Now, after installing the spent primer chute, these problems have completely disappeared! I have loaded over 50K rounds since installing the spent primer chute and have not had a single problem related to spent primer debris since!"
— Rob C. - Cody, WY

650 Spent Primer Chute Installation  
Recycle Those Spent Primers!
Primers are brass, not steel. A 2L Soda Bottle holds approximately 12 pounds of spent primers.
At the current recycling price for brass, that's about $18 per bottle!

650/750 Spent Primer Chute is a trademark of UniqueTek, Inc. Made in USA Logo

3D Print Method SLS (Selective Laser Sintering)
Material Nylon
Color Blue

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