Microfiber Gun Cleaning Cloths
Microfiber Gun Cleaning Cloths
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These Microfiber Gun Cleaning Cloths are designed specially for cleaning guns!

Keep one in your range bag to wipe down your handgun or rifle before placing in a gun case.
Keep one in your back pack to wipe rain off your hunting rifle!
Keep one in your gun cleaning kit and use with your favorite gun cleaning solvent to remove oils or greases.

Close Up Photo of Microfiber ClothWhat is Microfiber?
Microfiber fabric is made from tiny fibers, 1/100th the size of a human hair, that are woven together into tiny masses of hooks and loops, that trap dirt, grime, grease, and hold up to 7 times it's weight in liquid. This makes a highly effective and durable cleaning tool.

The photo at left shows a close-up view* of the unique textured weave that is on both surfaces of the cloth. This texture enhances cleaning by greatly increasing the surface area of the cloth.
(approximately 2X magnification)

Lint Free / String Free
Special Weave won't snag like terry-cloth.
Highly Absorbent to gunpowder residues, oils, greases. etc.
Absorbs eight times its own weight in liquid but dries in half the time as cotton.
Contains No Silicones: Can be uses on all surfaces including wood.
Economical: Can be laundered and used hundreds of times!

Large, 16"x16"
Fully Hemmed Edges
Unique Textured Weave to Collect and Hold Grime.
Releases dirt well during laundering.
Washable 300 to 500 Times!*

* Launder in warm water, tumble dry low. Do not launder with terry cloth bath towels as they will transfer lint to the microfiber cloths. Never use bleach or fabric softener and do not iron.

— Each package contains 3, 16"x16" microfiber gun cleaning cloths: $12.95

Customer Feedback
"I was a military police investigator that competed at the state and national level with pistol/rifle, was on the brigade marksmanship team for 2 years. I used to carry three weapons my 1911 .45, my .38 snubby (MPI Issue only) and M4 rifle. I used to hate the debris that alleged lint free clothes left on my weapons. I had to look my best as did my weapons when guarding generals at summit meetings and conferences. I found your lint free clothes a couple years ago and figured it was just another company claiming lint free clothes. But I spoke to your rep he was very friendly and eager to help. So I ordered 3 packs of 3 and once I used them, I saw that they were truely lint free &helip; even on textured surface weapons that ususally crab lint from "allegedly" lint free rags. I sent a couple to a SWAT cop friend of mine he loves them and I sent a couple to two Army Rangers that I've known for years they love them too. So thanks for a great product at a great price."
— Shannon P. - Jerome, MI

"I purchased the microfiber gun cleaning cloths on a whim, what a great whim that turned out to be, today I cleaned six of my firearms and just one of the cloths did the trick, they are truly lint free and not only do they pick up and hold the grime they are super absorbent as well. I will be buying more of these."
— Mark B. - Havelock, NC
Size 16"x16"
Material 80% Polyester/20% Polyamide
Color Blue

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This is a great product from a great company! I rest easy using these to wipe up my guns. Truly lint free and reasonably priced. Great customer service as well. Lee was very helpful and friendly. Will be doing much more business in the future! Written by Corey Holsinger on Mon 28 Nov 2016 8:25:21 PM GMT
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