Ceramic E.O.D. Knife
Ceramic E.O.D. Knife
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Ergonomic Handle Design!
The Ceramic E.O.D. Knife has a curved handle with serrations along the top and bottom to provide a more secure and ergonomic grip. The grip also now features a convenient lanyard hole. The black ceramic blade id made from Carbonized Zirconium Dioxide.

Ceramic bladed knives are popular with military and police organizations for use in EOD operations. Ceramic blades have the advantage of being non-conductive and non-magnetic. However, since the handles of folding knifes are usually 400 stainless steel, there is a slight magnetic field present. To resolve this problem the E.O.D. knife has a non-magnetic handle made from high-impact plastic.

Ceramic EOD Knife

The sheath, made from the same durable high-impact plastic as the handle, prevents accidental damage to the blade and protects against accidental injury while carrying in an EOD tool kit. Self-draining slots at the tip allow water or other contaminants out of the sheath.

Custom crafted by Phil Cressman in Ontario, Canada, to the highest standards with the finest materials available and individually hand assembled.

Makes a great kitchen knife as well!

Custom crafted by Phil Cressman in Ontario, Canada. Made in Canada Logo

Blade Material Carbonized Zirconium Dioxide
Blade Length 3"
Overall Length 7.4"
Weight (knife only) 30.6g (1.1 oz)
Weight (with sheath) 37.4g (1.3 oz)
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