Moon Clip Extractor Tool
Moon Clip Extractor Tool
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The Moon Clip Extractor Tool by Ranch Products is a handy "demooner" for all moon clips. Easy to use, works with either hand, and does not damage the moon clip or brass.

Works with ALL calibers.
Handy for when you need to demoon just one round.
Works on ALL moon clips including 1/2 moon, 1/3 moon and full moon clips ... including those that hold an odd number of rounds.
So small you can carry it in your pocket.

Will NOT work with S&W 627 moon clips due to the close spacing of the rounds. But it can be easily modified to make it work by squeezing it with a pair of pliers to reduce the radius.

TIP! Carry One On A Keychain
It even has a hole in the handle so you can put it on a keyring or the zipper tab on your range bag.

TIP! Keep one as a backup for your full-sized demooner.

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Material Steel
Finish Blued
Length 2-3/4"
Width 7/8"
Weight 0.9 oz
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