Big Boss II Reloading Press
Big Boss II Reloading Press
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"Simply, the only press you will ever need!"

This top of the line single station press has the largest window opening and longest usable ram stroke of any in its class.

The Big Boss II reloading press has all the desirable features of the original "Boss" reloading press, but is built on heavier frame with a 1″ diameter ram and longer 3.8″ usable ram stroke for reloading the largest magnum cartridges.

Heavy Duty Cast Iron Frame with 36° offset for Easy Access and Visibility
Heavy Duty Compound Linkage
Offset/Straight pull handle for ease of operation
Large 4-1/2" Frame Opening
3-13/16" of Ram Stroke for easy loading of Magnum Cartridges
"Smart" Primer Arm moves in and out of position with Ram Travel
Spent Primer Collection System
Accepts all Standard 7/8"-14 dies - with Adapter Bushing (included) Installed
Accepts 1-1/4"-12 Dies - with Adapter Bushing removed
Accepts 1"-14 Dies - with optional Adapter Bushing #70030 (not included)

Capable of Loading .375 and .408 CheyTac®!
Yep! The frame accepts 1-1/4"-12 dies and has a frame opening large enough the handle the CheyTac's 3.043″ case length. You will need to tilt the round to start the bullet nose into the bullet seating die, but the Big Boss II has the strength and power to get the job done.

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Smart Primer Arm "Smart" Primer Arm
The "Smart" Primer Arm automatically swings into position during the ram stroke and flips out of the way when not in use. For maximum sensitivity at the lowest possible leverage, priming is done at the end of the ram stroke.

Spent Primer Collection System Spent Primer Collection System
The Big Boss II now features the unique Redding "Spent Primer Collection System" used on the T-7 and Ultramag presses Spent primers are automatically collected in the large diameter hollow ram. They then drop into a handy flexible plastic tube that can hold hundreds of spent primers before emptying, or be easily routed to your trash container.

Lock-N-Load Bushing Accepts Hornady Lock‑N‑Load® Bushings!
The Big Boss II press can be easily converted to use Hornady Lock‑N‑Load® Quick Change Bushings. Simply remove the Redding adapter bushing and install a Lock‑N‑Load® Conversion Kit. The photo at left shows the Lock‑N‑Load® Conversion Kit installed in the press frame and the removed adapter bushing setting on top the press frame.

Lock-N-Load is a registered trademark of Hornady.

NOTE: The Die and Shellholder, shown in the photos above, are optional accessories and not included with the Bog Boss II Press.

Ram Diameter 1"
Ram Stroke 3.8"
Frame Opening 4.5"
Frame Material Cast Iron
Die Sizes 7/8"-14
1¼"-12 — with frame bushing removed
1"-14 — with optional Adapter Bushing #70030 (not included)
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