Moon Clip  - Ruger Speed Six, 9mm
Moon Clip  - Ruger Speed Six, 9mm
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Moon Clip Type: Full Moon Clip
Fits: Ruger Speed Six, Service Six
        FN Barracuda
Caliber: 9mm
Capacity: 6 rds
Thickness: 0.035″
Material: Spring Steel
Finish: Blued
Package: 4 per pack

Ranch Products Moon Clips are ideal for fast reloads in your revolver. Moon clips are faster and less cumbersome than speed loaders. Plus, because all your empties stay together, you won't loose any brass. Reusable hundreds of times.

Since 1975, Ranch Products has manufactured its line of after-market firearm accessories with the highest quality materials and processing for the industry. In-house manufacturing and quality control assures the best possible products.

Potential Moon Clip Fit Issues with Ruger Speed Six, 9mm revolver.

DESCRIPTION OF PROBLEM: When using a moon clip, the cylinder will not rotate freely because the base of the cartridges are rubbing against the recoil shield.

FIRST: Check your ammo. Some 9mm brands have a thicker ejection ring (head) than others. One customer simply changed brands of ammo and his problem was solved. This head thickness issue is only a problem with revolvers.

SECOND: Occasionally the two "locator pins" on the cylinder, under the ejection star, protrude past the star. If they are too long they can interfere with the moon clip resting flat against the back of the cylinder. If required the locator pins can be slightly filed down.
NOTE: This affects about 20% of all Ruger Speed Six revolvers manufactured and creates a fit problem with all brands of moon clips.

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