Golf Club Demooner Tool
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Golf Club Demooner Tool
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The Golf Club Demooner Tool is the most unique tool for demooning moon clips. It demoons one round at a time, so you don't have to remove two when you only need one. Demooned rounds are held inside the tool, so no time is wasted dumping each round. There is enough capacity to hold up to 9 loaded rounds ... more if demooning spent brass. And it is fast too! I've timed myself and I can easily demoon an 8-round .38 Special noon clip in under 15 seconds!

Each tool is hand made by Dan Furbee using recycled steel golf club shafts.

Demoons ALL moon clips regardless of round count.
Can demoon single rounds.
Demoonned rounds are held inside tool.
Enough capacity to completely demoon a full moon clip before dumping.
Large cushioned golf grip provides a solid grip and plenty of leverage.
Works equally well for right or left handed use.
No arbors, mandrels or other parts to change or get lost.
Will not damage moon clips.

The photo below shows the Glof Club Demooner Tool engaging a .45 ACP round on a moon clip. Just a twist of the wrist, to the right or the left, will remove the round. The entire moon clip can be demooned before needing to dump the rounds.

Demooning 45 ACP

Each Golf Club Demooner Tool Is Unique!
Since they are hand made from recycled gold club shafts, each tool will be unique. Some may be essentially new and others may show slight signs of use. The style and color of the grip will be random and may include grips from Golf Pride, Lamkin, Tocaré, and occasionally Ping and Ben Hogan. The exact length of each demooner is variable depending on the manufacturer of the shaft. Regardless, each is hand tuned and guaranteed to work.

Available in These Sizes
.45 (T1420-.45)
.40/10mm (T1420-.40)
.38 (T1420-.38)
9mm (T1420-9mm)

Dan Furbee
Above photo provided by Jamil Sued.
About the Manufacturer
Ultimate Accessories is a firearms training academy in Mesa, Arizona. The owner, Dan Furbee, is an I.C.O.R.E. Grand Master and U.S.P.S.A. Master Class revolver shooter, retired Mesa police officer, licensed police range master and NRA-certified firearms instructor.

Length (Overall) .45 Cal: 12-14 inches
.38 Cal: 13-15 inches
Shaft Material Chromed Steel
Length (Grip) 10-1/2 inch
Grip Material Rubber
Weight 4 oz (approximate)
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