Port-A-Stand 'C'
Port-A-Stand 'C'
Port-A-Stand 'C' Folded for StoragePort-A-Stand 'C' with 18" USPSA TargetPort-A-Stand 'C' with 24" Silhouett TargetPort-A-Stand 'C' and 2 Furring Strips in a Sling
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The Port-A-Stand™ 'C' sets up in just seconds! Just rotate the legs into position, place on ground, and insert the target frame. There are no parts to assemble* … or lose. When done shooting, it quickly folds for easy transport and storage. You can even hang it on the wall using one of the stake holes!
* Shipped disassembled. Assembly required only before first use.

Port-A-Stand™ 'C' accepts 1"x2" furring strips and has pockets for both;
— 18" width targets (e.g. USPSA, IPSC, IDPA and NRA D-1 Targets), and
— 24" width targets (e.g. NRA B-27 and B-34 Silhouette, NRA B-8P 25yd Bullseye, LE and Military Silhouett Targets).

'H' Shape with 23" Feet for Maximum Stability & Wind Resistance
Four Tent Stake Holes for those Super Windy Days*
Target Sockets for Both 18″ and 24″ Wide Targets
Target Sockets are Free Draining in case it Rains
Corrosion Resistant Zinc Dichromate Finish †

† Although some of the photos still show the original Black Nitride finish, the Port-A-Stand 'C' now features a Zinc Dichromate finish.

Port-A-Stand 'C' folded.jpg
Port-A-Stand™ 'C'
Folded For Storage
     No Parts To Lose

Using target stands at indoor ranges is problematic due in part to limited storage space, but also because they are hard to maneuver through doorways. The Port‑A‑Stand™ 'C' is easy to move when folded and takes less space to store.

     Folds for Storage
     Sets Up in Seconds
Dual Width
     Both 18″ & 24″ Targets
     Wind Resistant

Carry SlingTIP: Use a Sling Strap for Easy Carry
Carrying target stands, furring strips, targets and a staple gun down range can be cumbersome. You can make it much easier by using a Sling Strap as shown in the photo at right. The sling holds the Port-A-Stand™ and furring strips … freeing up your hands. (Click on image to view larger.)

A Nylon strap 1″ to 1.5″ wide and about 7′ long is about right. Tie an eye in the ends and pass the strap through it to create an adjustable loop that will cinch down around the Port-A-Stands™ and furring strips. You can easily carry one to three Port-A-Stands™ with furring strips in one sling. if you don't have Nylon strapping, 1/2″ braided rope works, but is not as comfortable on your shoulder.

* Targets, Furring Strips, Tent Stakes, Sling and Guy to carry your target stands are not included.
Port-A-Stand is a trademark of UniqueTek, Inc.
Patent No.: US D752,173 S

Width 24.6″
Length 23″
Height 4.1″
Weight 7.5 lb
Collapsed Dimensions 48″ x 2.5″ x 4.1″
Staking Holes 3/8″ dia. x 4 places
Material Hot Rolled Steel
Finish Zinc Dichromate
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