Port-A-Stand 'V'
Port-A-Stand 'V'
Port-A-Stand 'V' - Folded for StoragePort-A-Stand 'V' with Airsoft Targets
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The Port-A-Stand™ 'V' sets up in just seconds! Just spread the feet, place on ground, and insert the target frame. There are no parts to assemble ... or lose. When done shooting, it quickly folds for easy transport and storage. You can even hang it on the wall using one of the stake holes!

Port-A-Stand™'V' accepts 1"x2" furring strips and can be used with any 18" width targets including USPSA, IPSC, IDPA and NRA D-1 targets. You can also use any plain cardboard as a backing and then tape any type or size paper target to the face.

Weighs 4.9 lb For Stability and Wind Resistance
Extra-Long 30" Feet for Added Stability
Three Tent Stake Holes for those Super Windy Days*
Target Sockets are Free Draining in case it Rains
Corrosion Resistant Zinc Dichromate Finish


Using target stands at indoor ranges is problematic due in part to limited storage space, but also because they are hard to maneuver through doorways. The Port‑A‑Stand™ 'V' is easy to move when folded and takes less space to store.

Port-A-Stand 'V'
Folded For Storage
   — No Parts To Lose
   — Folds for Storage
   — Sets Up in Seconds
   — Wind Resistant

Carry SlingTIP: Use a Sling Strap for Easy Carry
Carrying target stands, furring strips, targets and a staple gun down range can be cumbersome. You can make it much easier by using a Sling Strap as shown in the photo at right. The sling holds the Port-A-Stand™ and furring strips … freeing up your hands. (Click on image to view larger.)

A Nylon strap 1″ to 1.5″ wide and about 7′ long is about right. Tie an eye in the ends and pass the strap through it to create an adjustable loop that will cinch down around the Port-A-Stands™ and furring strips. You can easily carry one to three Port-A-Stands™ with furring strips in one sling. if you don't have Nylon straping, 1/2″ braided rope works, but is not as comfortable on your shoulder.

The Port-A-Stand™ at SHOT SHOW 2012!
"The truly unique target stand from UniqueTek! When you target shoot thousands of rounds a week, having a target that stays where you want it is imperative, but having one that also folds up and stores easily, well that may be just the perfect product. Learn more in this video with Deb Ferns from SHOT Show 2012"
— Jared/Outdoor Channel

Product Reviews

The Port-A-Stand™ featured in The Range Report, NSSF's Magazine for Shooting facilities!
"Target Delivery Systems at the Shot Show", The Range Report; Volume 15, No.2, Spring 2012, Page 18-19. Click Here to Read

* Targets, Furring Strips, Sling and Guy to carry your target stands are not included.
Port-A-Stand is a trademark of UniqueTek, Inc.
US Patent No. D672578S

Material Hot Rolled Steel Tubing, 16GA
Finish Zinc Dichromate (Inside and Out)
Stake Holes 3/8" diameter, 3 places
Weight 4.9 lb
Length (folded) 32"
Width (folded) 6"
Target Frame
Pocket Depth
Target Frame
Pocket Size
1" x 2"

Customer Reviews

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Making Life Easy!I have several V target stands now and I love them. They take up very little room in the garage and car quick and easy to set up and put away. It makes prepping for the range and setting up a breeze, not assistance required. Love these target stands!! Written by Debbie Keehart on Sat 4 Jan 2020 1:32:00 AM GMT
Boy They're Nice!Got the stands yesterday. Boy, they're nice! Thank you. Written by Jim Z. on Wed 23 May 2018 6:31:33 PM GMT
The Quality of These Stands is OutstandingThe quality of these stands, {as you know} is outstanding. I'm sure the wife and I will get many years of use out of them. With this kind of service and quality I know I'll be looking at many of your other products in the future. Thanks very much. A very happy customer. Written by George G. on Wed 23 May 2018 6:28:49 PM GMT
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