CTS-30000 Precision Counting Scale
CTS-30000 Precision Counting Scale
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The CTS-30000 Precision Counting Digital Scale is suitable for a wide range of uses around the loading bench that your powder scale doesn't have the capacity to do. Its Advanced Counting Features and 30Kg (66Lb) capacity let you accurately count bins full of brass, bullets or loaded ammunition.

Advanced Precision Sensors and Microchip Technology
The CTS-30000 utilizes precision sensors and the latest microchip technology. It is specially designed and manufactured for accurate weighing and counting functions.

Sample Quantity is Freely Selectable
The bigger the sample the better the result, especially with very light weight parts. So you can enter any sample size you want. Plus, the software in the scale automatically updates and refines its average piece weight data as components are loaded onto the scale during counting.

Rechargeable NIMH Battery
A rechargeable NIMH battery allows you to place the scale anywhere you need it, without trailing an extension cord! The battery capacity is enough for approximately 30 hours of operation.

Clear, well spaced keys ensure accurate data entry and three separate
LCD displays clearly show the Weight, the Unit Weight and Total Count.
CTS Display

The left display shows the total weight on the platform. In this example 12, 9mm cases were placed on the scale.

The middle display shows the Unit Weight. This value is the weight equal to 1 part ... one 9mm case in this example. The unit weight is calculated by the scale (sample weight divided by the sample number entered).

The right display shows the piece count.

Counting Brass: To confirm you got what you paid for when buying in bulk.
Counting Brass: To confirm you are bagging the correct quantity when selling in bulk.
Counting Bullets: Same as for counting brass!
Counting Loaded Ammo: So you know you are taking enough to a match.

Counting Parts is as Easy as 1 2 3!
Step 1 Place a counted sample of parts (brass, bullets, loaded rounds, etc.) on the scale's platform. If the parts are hard to steady, first place an empty container (AkroBin®, etc.) on the platform and press "TARE" to zero the scale. Then add the sample parts to the container. The left display will show the total weight of the parts. Tare key
Step 2 Next, enter the number of parts in the sample, then press the "Sample" key. The middle display will indicate the individual part weight, and the right display will indicate how many parts are on the scale. Sample key
Step 3 Once the sample amount is entered, you can start counting! Just toss in a handful and the scale does the counting automatically.

More Features!
Unit Conversion The "Unit Conversion" feature allows you to switch between Grams, Kilograms, Ounces and Pounds. You can change units at any time, even with weight on the scale or a count in progress. This button also serves as the decimal point key. Unit Conversion key
Counting Check The "Counting Check" feature tells you with an audible alert when you've gone over a certain quantity of parts. This makes it fast and easy to count out a set quantity without needing to watch the Total Count display. Count Check key
Check Weigh You can also use the "Counting Check" feature to tell you with an audible alert when you are at a certain quantity of parts. For example, you can check weigh 50 rd boxes of ammunition to determine if any boxes are missing one or more rounds ... without opening each box. Count Check key
Count Accumulate
(Total Count)
Got multiple bins of the same part to count? Use the "Count Accumulate" feature and let the scale do the addition for you. After the count is displayed for each bin, box or bag of parts, just press the "Count Accumulate" key and it adds the count to memory. The left display momentarily shows the number of times the count has been taken and the center display shows the total count. So there is no need to keep a scratch pad and calculator. Count Accumulate key

CTS-30000 versus CTS-3000
If you are comparison shopping on the Internet, make sure you are comparing the same product. The CTS-30000 looks very similar to the older CTS-3000. The most notable difference is that the CTS-30000 weighs in kilograms, grams, pounds and ounces. The CTS-3000 weighs only in grams.

Click to Download Click Here to Download CTS-30000 User Manual
Capacity/Resolution 30.000 Kg / 0.0005 Kg
30,000 g / 0.5 g
66.078 lb / 0.001 lb
1057.24 oz / 0.02 oz
Weight Units Kilograms, Grams, Pounds, Ounces
Displays (3) 5/8" Tall LDC with Green Backlight
Platform Size 12.2" x 9.1"
Scale Size 13" x 12.5" x 4.9"
Weighing Modes 5 (kg, g, lb, oz, PCS)
RS-2332 Serial Port Cable Included
Power 9V Rechargeable NiMH Battery (included)
9VDC AC Charger/Power Adapter (Included)
Operating Temperature 32°F - 104°F (0°C - 40°C)
Warranty (Manufacturer's) 30-Year Lifetime Warranty
Features Benefits
Leveling Feet (4) Provides Solid Footing on Any Surface
Bubble Level on front of scale Easy Leveling
Stainless Steel Weighing Platform Chemical Resistant and Easy to Clean
RS-232 Data Port (cable included) Easy Data Link to Computer
"In-Use" Cover Clear Plastic Cover Protects Scale from Spills

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GREAT TOOLHad mine for about 2 years now. Can't do without it. When you buy brass or bullets in bulk it's easy to seperate without counting everyone out. Written by Thomas L Collins on Wed 29 Dec 2021 5:36:17 PM GMT
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