The Bullet Bin
The Bullet Bin
Bullet Bin bracket mounts on Dillon Strong Mount
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The Bullet Bin™ is an economical alternative to the Dillon Bullet Tray. Instead of a permanently attached bullet tray, The Bullet Bin™ uses AkroBins® that are easily swapped when you change calibers ... and hold several times more bullets. The bin easily holds a full 500 count box of 9mm 124grain bullets ... with room to spare.* The Bullet Bin™ is a simple bolt-on installation on the Dillon 550/650/750 and SDB Strong Mounts.

Holds More Bullets
Bins are easily interchanged
Uses standard AkroBins®

Dillon 550/650/750 Strong Mount (Dillon Stock No. 22051) with no modifications.
Dillon SDB Strong Mount (Dillon Stock No. 22223) with no modifications.
Dillon 750/650 Strong Mount (Dillon Stock No. 22052), but you will need to drill
two additional 1/4″ mounting holes in the strong mount.

Bin Bracket
1 AkroBin®, blue †
Mounting Hardware

Customer Feedback
"I have three Dillon re-loading machines on my bench in my "gun-room"..... from left to right: My SL900 ........ my SDB ......... and my XL650. I chose to use the Bullet Bin on my SDB because I can use it and remove the bin at will, freeing up the needed space between the SL900 and the SDB. Just used all three machines during the course of today and the Bullet Bin is a welcome addition to my SDB and reloading."
— Bernie P. - Catonsville, MD

* Akro-Mils recommends a maximum bin load capacity of 10 pounds for this model AkroBin®.
† AkroBin® #30-210 (4-3/4″ long x 3-7/16″ wide x 2-3/16″ deep) ... the same bin as used on the Square Deal B press - Dillon Stock No. 13756.

The Bullet Bin is a trademark of UniqueTek, Inc.
AkroBins and AkroBin are registered trademarks of AKRO-MILS, INC. a division of Myers Industries, Inc.
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Material Steel
Thickness 14 Gauge (0.747″)
Hole Diameters 1/4″
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