Pistol & Rifle Re-Load Snap-Cap Dummies
Pistol & Rifle Re-Load Snap-Cap Dummies
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This Snap Cap Dummy has the actual weight and feel of a loaded round is necessary for meaningful practice of reloading a lever action rifle or revolver "on the clock." They are also useful for general dry-fire practice. They have a complete rim so will eject from a rifle when the action is cycled.

Brass Case with Lead Bullet for Proper Weight and Feel
Bright Orange Rubber "Primer" for Easy Identification
Rubber "Primer" Protects Firing Mechanism
Complete Rim — So will Eject From Rifle when Action is Cycled
Available in .38 Special and .45 Colt

— .38 Special (T1451-38) = $9.95 / 2-pack
— .45 Colt (T1451-45) = $9.95 / 2-pack

Need a Snap Cap for Rifle practice that will not eject when you cycle the action? Check out the Palo Verde Dry-fire Practice Snap Caps for Lever Action Rifles.

CAUTION: Before Use, ALWAYS make sure the firearm is unloaded and remove all live ammo from the area.
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