Dry-fire Practice Snap Caps for Lever Action Rifles
Dry-fire Practice Snap Caps for Lever Action Rifles
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These Dry-fire Practice Snap Caps for Lever Action Rifles are designed to remain in the chamber, shot after shot, as you cycle the lever action rifle.

38 Spl Machined Rim.jpg Specially Machined Rim:
Special machining of the snap-cap rim allows you to dry-fire your rifle multiple times without ejecting the snap-cap each time the action is cycled.
The case is also specially sized to prevent the round from rotating in the chamber while the action is cycled.
A bright orange rubber "Primer" allows for easy identification and protects firing mechanism.

Specially Machined Rim mdash; Will NOT Eject From Rifle when Action is Cycled*
Specially Sized Case — Will not Rotate in Chamber when Action is Cycled
Bright Orange Rubber "Primer" for Easy Identification
Rubber "Primer" Protects Firing Mechanism
Brass Case with Lead Bullet for Proper Weight and Feel
Works in Most Lever Action Rifles†
Available in .38 Special and .45 Colt

— .38 Special = $19.95 / 2-pack
— .45 Colt) = $19.95 / 2-pack

* Snap Cap is removed from chamber using a bore cleaning rod inserted from the muzzle end of the rifle.
† Works in most, but not all Marlin 1894 rifles.
— For details you can download and read the Instructions in PDF format Click Here.

CAUTION: Before Use, ALWAYS make sure the firearm is unloaded and remove all live ammo from the area.
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