Dri-Fire Practice Snap Cap for 12 GA Shotguns
Dri-Fire Practice Snap Cap for 12 GA Shotguns
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These Dry-fire Practice Snap Caps are specially designed for practicing with Double Barrel and Pump shotguns. Being made from actual shotshell hulls, they give you the most authentic feel and best practice at loading and "tossing" them from your Cowboy Double Barrel. Plus, being the same weight as empty shotgun hulls, they will not "beat up" the fragile ejector of your Winchester '97. *

Made from Actual Shotshell Hulls for Authentic Feel and Function
Fire-formed and Resized to fit all Standard 12 Ga Chambers
Special Red Rubber Primer Withstands Thousands of Hits
Special Red Rubber Primer Protects Gun's Firing Mechanism
Same Weight as Empty Shothull — Will Not "Beat Up" Win. '97 Ejector *
Brass Rim Holds Up to Winchester '97 Extractor **

12 GA base.jpg Special red rubber primer protects gun's firing mechanism and withstands thousands of hits.

Bright red color allows for fast, easy identification.

—  $22.95 / 4-pack

* Repeated use of heavy metal Dummies will damage the ejection mechanism on Winchester 1897s.
** Plastic Rimmed Dummies do not hold up to the powerful left extractor on the Winchester 97s ... and do not have the correct weight and "feel" for Double Barrels.

CAUTION: Before Use, ALWAYS make sure the firearm is unloaded and remove all live ammo from the area.
Gauge 12
Length 2-3/4"
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