AR-15 Bore Guide
AR-15 Bore Guide
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A Bore Guide is an essential tool for properly cleaning your AR-15 rifle. It keeps your cleaning rod precisely aligned with the bore, preventing damage to both the bore and the cleaning rod. A bore guide also prevents residue from the bore being splattered into the receiver. Machined from solid Delrin® so it is impervious to virtually all gun cleaning solvents and will not scratch your firearm.

Solvent Port
You can easily add bore solvent, oil, etc. without fully withdrawing the cleaning rod, and without needing to buy a separate rear mounted solvent port.

Note: A blue bore patch was positioned in the solvent port … just to make it more easily visible in the photo.

Machined from Solid Delrin® for Strength and Chemical Resistance
 Tip Engages Barrel Extension
No O-Rings to Disintegrate or become Stuck in Chamber or Bore.
Back Bevel on Chamber End Assists Patch Retention on Rod Removal
Drilled from Chamber End to ensure Concentricity with Bore
Diameter Reduced over part of its Length for Easier Installation/Removal
4 Finger Grooves for Easy Removal
Standard 1/2" Socket on Rear End allows use of separate Solvent Port.*

Q: Why are there no O-rings on this bore guide?
A: This bore guide is precision machined so that it will fit tightly in the upper receiver and doesn't need O-rings to hold it in position.Also, O-rings often come loose in the bore or chamber!

Q: Why is this bore guide white and not black or a color that won't show dirt?
A: White Delrin® is translucent so you can clearly view down the inside of the bore guide to ensure that it is clean and ready for the next use. If it was black Delrin®, you would need a bore illuminator. Just clean the bore guide, inside and out, using any bore cleaning solvent.

* A Rear Solvent Port not included. Accepts all solvent ports designed to install into a 1/2" socket.

Material White Delrin
Length 8.56"
Diameter 0.998"
Solvent Port (side) 1″
Solvent Port Socket (rear) 0.5" dia.
Grip Grooves 4
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