GBA Gas Block Aligner
GBA Gas Block Aligner
Gas Block Aligner .30 cal.
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The Gas Block Aligner ensures perfect alignment between the gas port hole in your AR15 barrel and gas block. Works with any standard 3/4″ inner diameter gas block and barrel combination, regardless of manufacturer. The Gas Block Aligner is available in both .22 caliber and .30 caliber. Sold in 2-packs.

Features & Benefits:
.22 caliber size fits .223/5.56x45, as well as any other .22 caliber rounds.
.30 caliber size fits .308/7.62x51, as well as any other .30 caliber rounds.*
Use with Low Profile, Adjustable, Railed, or Flip-up Sight Blocks.
6 pin diameters for precise alignment with various gas port diameters.
Enables you to mark and dimple barrel perfectly every time.

* The .30 caliber size can also be used for calibers between .22 and .30 by trimming the pin length to match the bore diameter.

Watch the video below to see how the GBA works.

Gas Block Aligner Pricing:
— .22 Caliber GBA, (T1511-22-2) = $19.95/2-pk
— .30 Caliber GBA, (T1511-30-2) = $19.95/2-pk

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