SWAGE GAUGE Primer Pocket Gauge
SWAGE GAUGE Primer Pocket Gauge
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Stop guessing about your primer pockets. Know for sure with the SWAGE GAUGE® Primer Pocket Gage. Available for Small or Large primers.

What the Go/No-Go Gauge Checks
Primer Pocket Depth
Primer Pocket Diameter

How to Use the Go/No-Go Gauge Use the "Go" end of the gauge to check primer pocket depth, if any crimp is properly removed, and if the primer pocket is loose. If it feels loose on the "Go" end of the gauge, use the other end of the tool, the "No Go" end, to test if the primer pocket is too loose to hold a primer. If the No-Go gauge slides into the pocket, then you know to junk that brass.

Handy for Setting Up Primer Pocket Swagers
The SWAGE GAUGE® Primer Pocket Gage takes the guesswork out of primer pocket swager adjustment. Is particularly useful for setting up the Auto-Swage System on a Dillon 1050 press. Know instantly if you are swaging or chamfering enough to fully remove a military primer crimp … of if a primer pocket has been over swaged or over chamfered and and making the primer pocket too loose to hold a primer properly?

"I created the prototype of this tool for my own use in brass processing. I needed a way to quickly and easily measure primer pockets that was reliable and did not require wasting a primer. This tool has been indispensable for me and I would never go back to the old method of uncertainty and guessing."
Jason Giglio - Ballistic Tools, Inc.

Customer Feedback
"I have a couple of .223 Rem rifles and buy once-fired brass for reloading. It's a mix of military and commercial cases and even many of the commercial brass have crimped primer pockets. Your gauge lets me quickly sort out the crimped brass from that already properly sized for new primers and let me set up a borrowed Dillon Super Swage to properly swedge the crimped pockets without over sizing them. A super useful product that should be emphasized more in your ads."
— Dave B. - Pittsburgh, PA (8/14/15)

Material O1 Tool Steel
Hardness 57-61 HRC
Length (overall) 1.5"
Weight 0.7oz
Diameter (at knurled grip) 0.5"

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 2 reviews: 5.0
Most useful tool @ Uniquetek, get bothOne of your more useful tools for reloaders. Not only checking for Mil brass, federal and Win crimped brass (Pistol & Rifle) but also if your Hot load is wearing out your rifle brass primer pockets. Some brands are notorious for being soft. I've run across enough crimped pistol brass to justify the Dillon Swagger for rifle & Pistol primer pockets. Written by R.C. on Fri 30 Nov 2018 6:05:39 PM GMT
Game Changer...The Swage Gauge is a complete game changer. In the past the only way to determine if your primer pocket swaging was successful was by trial and error, and error, and error. Not any more. Now you can actually gage your primer pocket before you ruin even one primer! Must Have!

Tip: Gage the primer pockets of that military brass to see how many times it's been "once fired". If the GO gauge fits the primer pocket, more than likely the brass is not "once fired".
Written by Kenneth Deans on Thu 1 Feb 2018 6:21:06 PM GMT
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