Foam Grip
Foam Grip
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This foam grip cushions your hand yet provides good "feel" when seating primers.

This foam grip is made from NPVC, a foam rubber material known for its soft, comfortable feel, high durability and excellent vibration dampening qualities.

"Buffed" Finish
The foam surface goes through a "buffing" process, resulting in a sponge-like feel and appearance. The grip ends are radiused and also have a buffed finish. The shape blends perfectly with Dillon Roller Handles.

Fits These Dillon Roller Handles: †
Dillon Plastic Roller Handle (#22183) for RL 550B and XL 650 presses.
Dillon Aluminum Roller Handle (#17950) for RL 550B and XL 650 presses.
Dillon Roller Handle (#17918) on RL 1050, Super 1050 and SL 900 presses. **
† May also fit other roller handles that are 1″ diameter and approximately 4″ to 4.5″ long.

Now Sold in 2-Packs @ $10.95!
Saving you $2.95!

Yes! The Foam Grip Fits MEC Shotshell Loaders
I test fit the Foam Grip on my old MEC 600 "Jr" Shotshell Loader. The foam will stretch to conform to the finger grooves of the plastic MEC grip (#309-C). Although the Foam Grip is longer (4") than the MEC grip (3-1/4" long), the extra length will cover more of the operating handle ... providing additional comfort for larger hands. It should also fit the wooden Handle Grip (#8400) on certain newer model MEC Presses … but I have not yet tested it.

NEW! Fits Inline Fabrication Roller Handles
I just test fit the Foam Grip on a press equipped with an ERGO Roller Handle manufactured by Inline Fabrication. The foam will stretch to fit the 1.25″ diameter of the larger end of the handle while still fitting the 1.0″ diameter inner end of the handle. You may find that the installed length of the Foam Grip is slightly longer than the roller handle. We recommend installing it, marking the length to cut, then removing it to cut off the extra length. When reinstalling, slide the cut end on first so that it is against the arm and the uncut radiused end is even with the larger end of the handle. This will result in a more "finished" appearance.

** The Dillon 1050 roller handle is larger diameter than the 550/650 roller handles. Although the Foam Grip will stretch to fit, the resulting increase in handle diameter may be too large to be comfortable for medium or small hands.

Material NPVC
Color Black

Customer Reviews

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Foam Grip Made a Huge DifferenceAt the Steamboat Challenge this past Saturday I was able to pick up a set of Foam Grips for my Dillon 750. I love my 750 but wondered how much difference a foam grip would be. Still, it's for my 750 and I couldn't resist.

My right elbow has been giving me some problems and I have been forcing myself to reload only 100 rounds a day. This afternoon I put the Foam Grip on the reloader handle. Got to tell you, it really made a difference. I reloaded 300 rounds and only stopped because I had to mow the lawn.

Seems like the littlest things make the biggest difference and the Foam Grips made a huge difference for me.
Written by Alex Ragulsky on Thu 25 Aug 2022 4:58:17 PM GMT
Awesome productThank you for the great customer support recently on the phone with the installation of the foam grip for the roller handles for XL650"s. They installed easier than slick after your install tips. You and UniqueTek are awesome! Written by M Finkel on Thu 25 Apr 2019 12:54:01 AM GMT
The best $7.00 you will ever spendOf all of the mods and accessories available for Dillon press's this has got to be the best one ever invented. If you want to load in luxury buy one of these foam handle covers and install it. It prevents fatiuge in your hands and cushions each stroke of the handle. I am so spoiled by these things i won't load without one. Whether you have the more expensive aluminum handle or the economical plastic version you will not want to be without one of these to go on it. It's the best accessory you can buy. Be careful though, buy plenty of spares, once you install one you can never go back! Written by Mitch Cox on Fri 25 May 2018 10:36:56 PM GMT
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