Model 12 Weight Kit
Model 12 Weight Kit
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This kit includes a replacement follower and spring that smooths feeding on Winchester Model 12 Shotguns, PLUS a weight that adds 3.6 ounces at the muzzel end of the magazine tube. The weight reduces muzzle rise, making for faster followup shots.

Weight (3.6 oz)

"Just a note to say thanks for the Weighted Model 12 Kits. They have helped me to run my Model 12 Winchesters faster and still cut down on misses. They have helped me to achieve a top 3 finish at the Winter Range National Championship of Wild Bunch Action Shooting. Also have top finishes at several state Wild Bunch matches."
Two Dot
aka David Parsons
SASS #14911

"Just wanted to thank you for the magazine tube weight for the Model 12 Winchester. Combined with your spring and follower kit it allows for six in the tube and helps me to keep the muzzle on target while pumping away as fast as I can! Ever since Pecos Clyde did such a fine job smoothing the shotgun up I just haven't used it, because of a perceived weight difference in the front end of the gun compared to the 97'. Your weight helped eliminate that difference!!"
Tully Mars
SASS #40161

Designed and manufactured by "Wild Bodie Tom", SASS #67918 Made in USA Logo

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