Adjustable Tactical Grip
Adjustable Tactical Grip
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The ATG™ grip angle can be adjusted to 17°, 25° or 33°. Changing the grip angle can relieve stress on the shooter's wrist. This also allows the grip to accommodate a wide range of both shooting styles and shooter sizes.

EGT™ - Enhanced Grip Tape
- Now Included with all ATG Grips. †

Adjustable Angle - Relieves Stress on Shooter's Wrist
Subtle Finger Grooves - Provide a "Sense of Placement" for Any Size Hand
Slight Palm Swell - Nests into Hand for Better Comfort & Control
Extended Rear Surface - Maximizes the Hand's Purchase & Support
Well Placed Textures - Selected & Placed to Balance Control & Comfort

These elements all work together to make this very likely the most comfortable grip you will ever try and the last grip you will ever need to purchase.

For AR Rifles ($24.95)
Black (T1530-1) SOLD OUT
Flat Dark Earth (T1530-2)SOLD OUT
For FN SCAR Rifles ($29.95)
Black (T1530-3)
Flat Dark Earth (T1530-4)

† EGT™ comes preinstalled on SCAR grips. For AR grips, precut EGT™ panels are included in the package and you can choose to install them or not.
Grip angle is set during grip installation. Changing grip angle requires the use of a hex wrench (included).

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Material Glass Filled Nylon
Colors Black
Flat Dark Earth
Angles 17°, 25°, 33°
Weight 77 grams (2.72 oz)
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