Rigger's Knife with Marlin Spike
Rigger's Knife with Marlin Spike
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Phil Cressman, the craftsman of our Ceramic and Carbon Fiber Knife and EOD Knife has designed a new and unique Rigger's Knife with Marlin Spike and, yes, it has a Black Ceramic Blade.

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Black Ceramic Blade
Marlin Spike with Shackle Key
Skeletonized 420 Stainless Steel Frame
Pocket Clip
Lanyard Hole

Here is what Phil has to say about this knife:
"It has taken over a year to finalize the design and production of a marlin spike addition to my earlier Rigger's knife. Shape and size of the spike was quite easy but obtaining a strong and reliable pivot for the marlin spike proved elusive. Thanks to all those sailors who pushed me to finishing this project at long last! While designed at the request of my customers involved primarily with sailing boats, this is truly one useful tool for anyone working on the water. Note that the screws used accept a common slot head screw driver. Almost no one does this any more as it requires hand assembly. BUT then the owner can easily adjust tension."

What is a Marlin Spike Used For?
The Marlin Spike was originally designed by sailors and is reminiscent of the pointed bill of a Marlin. It is used to loosen knots that are too tight to untie by hand. The tip is forced in between the coils of the knot and then used to pry the knot loose enough that you can finish untying it with your fingers. This is a handy tool for anyone who uses ropes (e.g. fishermen, boating enthusiaste, campers, cowboys, Boy Scouts, etc.).

Custom crafted by Phil Cressman in Ontario, Canada. Made in Canada Logo

Blade Material Carbonized Zirconium Dioxide
Blade Style Modified Sheep Foot
Blade Length 2.88″
Marlin Spike Length 2.5″
Closed Length 2.89″
Blade Lock Frame Lock
Weight 3.06 oz (87g)
Frame Material 420 Stainless Steel
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