Ceramic 9mm Retractable Cutter
Ceramic 9mm Retractable Cutter
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This Retractible Cutter is similar to those commonly found in Art & Craft stores ... but with one difference. This one has a Ceramic Blade! Ceramic Blades keep their edge up to 40 times longer than a steel blade. So you can spend more time cutting and less time replacing blades.

Ceramic Blade
Blade has 11 Snap-Off Segments
Blade Locks at Each Position
Pocket Clip with Blade Snap-Off Tool

No Metallic Components
Since there are No Metallic Components in the holder, it is impervious to corrosion. That makes it a great cutter for your fishing tackle box, camping gear or Bug Out Bag! It also means that the cutter is non-conductive and non-magnetic, making it handy for working around electricity or strong magnetic fields.

Blade Segment Snap-Off Tool In Pocket Clip
To snap off a blade segment, remove the Pocket Clip. Extend only one segment of the blade and lock into position. Place the slot in the end of the pocket clip over the blade and pry to shear off the blade segment. Replace pocket Clip on end of cutter. Dispose of the removed blade segment safely.
Blade Material White Ceramic (Zirconium Dioxide)
Blade Size 8 cm (3.25″ ) L x 9mm W
Blade Segments 12 Total (11 Usable)
Blade Segment Length 5.5mm ea
Overall Length (closed) 13.5cm (5.31″ )
Weight 11g (0.38oz)
Blade Length at Full Extension 5.5cm (2.187″)
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