Fire Rod
Fire Rod
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The Fire Rod™ is a handy little fire starter. It combines a compact Ferrocerium fire starter rod with a Micro Folding Ceramic Knife/Striker that will never rust. The Ferrocerium rod is a full a 5/16″ diameter ... larger than most of the other compact kits currently on the market. The Fire Rod™ works even when wet.

Fire Starters were rated the #1 best selling survival gear product for 2019 by

Large 5/16″ Dia. x 1-1/8″ Ferrocerium Rod
Ceramic Striker Blade †
Striker Blade Doubles as a Micro Knife
16" Type I Paracord Lanyard in Orange Blaze Camo

† This combination Micro Folding Ceramic Knife/Striker* is a feature not found with any other Fire Starter Kit.
Micro Folding Ceramic Knife
Micro Folding Ceramic Knife
Only 1.75″ long when closed and only 2.5 grams in weight with a razor sharp chisel edged white ceramic blade. No metal to rust so it can be tucked away and forgotten for years and will still be razor sharp.

* Although commonly called a "Striker" it should be used only to scrape the Fire Rod™, not to actually strike at it. Use only the back of the ceramic blade, with the blade closed, when scraping the Fire Rod™. Scraping the Fire Rod™ with the blade open, or "striking" at the Fire Rod™, may break the ceramic blade.

Custom crafted by Phil Cressman in Ontario, Canada. Made in Canada Logo

Fire Rod Size 1.5″ x 5/16″ Dia.
Fire Rod Material Ferrocerium
Ceramic Blade Length 1-1/8″
Micro Knife Weight 2.5 grams (0.08 oz)
Fire Rod Weight 23 grams (0.81 oz)
Total Kit Weight 26 grams (0.92 oz)
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