SOLO Single Stage Press Conversion Kit
SOLO Single Stage Press Conversion Kit
SOLO on RL 550b to use G-Rx die.SOLO Kit for 550 PressSOLO Kit for 650 Press
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SOLO logoThe SOLO™ Single Stage Press Conversion Kit converts your Dillon RL 550, XL 650 or XL 750 press to a single stage press. This allows you to perform reloading operations that simply cannot be done using a Dillon progressive reloading press.
Note: Although both a 550 and a 650/750 toolhead are shown in the photo at right, only one toolhead is included with each SOLO™ kit.

G-Rx Base Sizing Die for .40 S&W (Redding Reloading)
Primer Pocket Swager Die (CH4D, RCBS)
Collet Style Bullet Puller Dies (Forster, Hornady, Lee, RCBS)
Ram Prime Dies (Lee, Lyman, RCBS)
Bullet Pointing/Tipping Die (Whidden Gunworks, Hoover)
Shoulder Bump Dies
Case Forming Dies †
† Not recommended for use with hydraulic case forming dies due to the potential for the case forming fluid (water, oil, alcohol, etc.) getting into places on the press that are difficult to clean.

Save Bench Space and Expense:
The SOLO™ Single Stage Press Conversion Kit eliminates the need to have a separate single stage press. This saves you both the cost of the press and bench space.

SOLO on 550 Conversion is Easy and Reversible:
Installing the SOLO™ Single Stage Press Conversion Kit is as quick and easy as any caliber conversion. Converting back to normal progressive operation is just as easy. No permanent press modifications are required.

The photo at left shows the SOLO™ installed on an RL 550B press with a Redding G-Rx Die installed in the toolhead.

Note: G-Rx Die and pushrod are not included with SOLO™ kit.

Utilize the Full Power of Your Press:
The SOLO™ Single Stage Press Conversion Kit also allows you to utilize the full power of the press linkage as there is no shellplate to flex and the force is directly over the center of the ram.

Clamped Toolhead:
The SOLO™ Toolheads come with UniqueTek's exclusive Toolhead Clamp Kit™ preinstalled. With the toolhead "clamped" into the press frame, your press is just as solid as any traditional single stage press!

Included in Kit:
1 Single Stage Adapter Bolt*
1 CNC Machined Single Station Toolhead**
Detailed Instructions
* Shellholders are not included.
** Bored for 7/8″-14 threaded dies and Toolhead Clamp Kit™ parts are preinstalled.

SOLO Toolhead 550 SOLO Toolhead 650 Spare SOLO™ Toolheads - Now Available!
Due to popular demand, we now stock spare toolheads for SOLO™ Single Stage Press Conversion Kits. A set of toolhead clamp screws and washers are included with each toolhead. SOLO™ toolheads also have a hole so they can be mounted on a Toolhead Stand (it is the hole offset from center in the photos at left.)
SOLO™ Toolhead for 550 press (T1533-TH5)
SOLO™ Toolhead for 650/750 press (T1533-TH6)

Customer Feedback
"Recently, I ordered the SOLO™ Single Stage Press Conversion kit. I am using it now on some 40 S&W brass with the Redding G-Rx Push Thru Base Sizing Die. Works perfectly. I have been a UniqueTek customer for while now and have never had any complaints."
— John P. - Madison Twp, PA (9/13/15)

Q: Can I use a Light-Load II™ Shellplate Illuminator, Skylight 550 or Skylight 650 on the SOLO™ Toolheads?
A: Yes. Simply insert the light into the hole for the toolhead stand. These holes are the same diameter as the toolhead stand holes in the center of our CNC 550 and 650 Toolheads and OEM Dillon toolheads.

SOLO™ Single Stage Press Conversion Kit the SOLO logo and Toolhead Clamp Kit are trademarks of UniqueTek, Inc. Made in USA Logo

Die Thread Size 7/8″-14
Die Thread Class 2B

Customer Reviews

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It's AwesomeI’m based in the UK and purchased the SOLO conversion kit for my Dillon 550C. It's awesome for depriming 5.56 military brass. I'm using the FW ARMS popper to do this … and it's fast and easy. Written by Adrian Jones on Thu 4 Nov 2021 10:45:09 PM GMT
Saved Me Buying Another Press!I just received my UniqueTek single stage conversion for my Dillon XL750 today and WOW! The fit and finish is top notch, took less than 5 minutes to swap in and I was resizing precision .308 in minutes! I highly recommend this for saving money and bench space and will DEFINATELY be buying more of Uniquetek's innovative products in the future.
Found you by accident, but glad I did. Don't have to buy another press now!
Written by Jared Miller on Fri 6 Aug 2021 4:23:02 PM GMT
SOLO single stage conversion RL550I just love the SOLO single stage concersion kit, as i moved into casting my own bullets, having a single stage press was a must have, rather than add a different manufactures press to my handloading bench i chose to convert a Dillon RL550, and as easily as doing a caliber conversion i can go from a progressive press to a single stage press,
I love this kit
Written by Allen Gillam on Sun 13 Jan 2019 5:51:19 PM GMT
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