Custom Leather Lever Wrap for Lever-Action Rifles
Custom Leather Lever Wrap for Lever-Action Rifles
Leather Lever Wrap - Smooth Comfortable SurfaceIncluded in Kit
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The custom leather lever wrap is custom fitted for the lever on your model lever-action rifle. Cushions your fingers making cocking the lever easier, smoother and less painful.

Perfect for Competition, Hunting and Target Practice!

Special Four-Piece Leather Construction
Wide and Flat to Match and Cushion the Back of Your Fingers
Does not Slide, Twist or Turn; Providing Positive Contact with Your Fingers
Finest Quality American Tanned Leather

Available for the Following Rifles:†
LWW73: 1873 and 1866 Winchester & Uberti, 1860 Henry: (T1563-1)
LWM94: 1894, 444 and 336 Marlin and Henry .22 cal.: (T1563-2)
LWR92: 1892 Winchester, Rossi, EMF, Braztech, Uberti, Puma & Chiapa 92: (T1563-3)
LWW94: 94 Winchester and reproductions: (T1563-4)
LWHBB: Henry Big Boy and Henry .30-30 & .45-70: (T1563-5)

† Custom Leather Lever Wrap will fit ONLY those rifles listed. They will NOT fit any rifles with "large loop" levers.
Four-Piece Leather Lever Wrap
Lever Lacing
2 Lacing Needles
DVD Installation Instructions
Lever Wrap Kit

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Lofgren, Todd G., "Gear & Garb: Reload Gauges & A Lever Wrap." Gun Of The Old West Spring 2016), Page 8. Click Here

Note: Leather is a natural product and varies from piece to piece and some parts of a hide stretch more than others or contain range scars and other unique characteristics. Each leather wrap may therefore be unique, which is a good thing!
Manufactured by Palo Verde Gunworks, LLC. Made in USA Logo

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