Primer Tube Stand
Primer Tube Stand
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The UniqueTek Primer Tube Stand holds up to 12 primer pickup tubes, 6 on each side, in a horizontal position. The stand has a base that is wide enough to be stable … even when only one side is loaded with primer tubes. The top rod can be used as a handle to lift and move the stand.

This simple design has two end plates which are attached to each other with three rods and assembles in just seconds. It can just as easily be dismantled to save bench space when not in use. The three rods have a metal core, coated with polypropylene, for strength and stability.

Holds Primer Pickup Tubes for the Following Presses:
Dillon Precision - SDB, RL 550b, XL 650, RL 1050 & Super 1050 Presses
Hornady - Lock-N-Load AP Progressive Press
RCBS - Turret Press and Pro Chucker 5 Auto Index Progressive Press
Redding - Slide Bar Auto Primer Feeding System for T-7 and Big Boss Presses
Lyman - Auto-Primer Feed for T-Mag and Crusher Presses †

† Lyman Auto-Primer Feed tubes are only 8″ long and the inside dimension of the UniqueTek Primer Tube Stand is 7-1/4″. So it will support Lyman primer feed tubes, but you will need to be careful when placing them on the stand.
Length 8.25″
Width 6.125″
Height 8.625″
Weight 8.8 oz
Material Polypropylene
Color White
Capacity 12 Primer Pickup Tubes
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