Swage It S550
Swage It S550
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The Swage It Primer Pocket Swager for the Dillon RL 550 press includes everything that you need to swage .223/5.56mm, .308/7.62mm or any other calibers that utilize small or large primers.

Features & Advantages:
Engineered Specifically for the Dillon RL 550 Press
Machined from Billet Aerospace Stainless Steel
Sweges Hardened to 50 Rockwell
Frame Mounted Swager
Installs in Just Minutes
Installs in Place of Dillon Automatic Primer System.
Fully Resizes the Primer Pocket and Adds the Correct Fillet

Small Primer Swage
Large Primer Swage
Mounting Hardware
Swage It S550 Parts
Installs in Just Minutes. Simply remove the Dillon Automatic Primer System (including the Primer Track Bearing), then Install the Swage It S550 in its place. It's that simple!

Will NOT Fit on XL 750 Press
Although the Primer System of the new Dillon XL 750 press looks similar to the RL 550 Primer System, there are major differences. The Swage It S550 will NOT fit on the XL 750 and neither will the Swage It S650. A new Swage It designed specifically for the XL 750 press is now available! Click Here!

Manufacturer's Unconditional Lifetime Warranty:
You will not be disappointed in the Swage It S550. The manufacturer backs this product with an unconditional lifetime warranty. If your swage ever fails, just send it back to the manufacturer and they will send you another free of charge.

Video Showing Swage It S550 Installation and Operation.

Tip!: Set up a toolhead for the Swage It S550 with a Universal Decap Die in Station 1 and a Dillon Rapid Trim Case Trimmer in Station 3. This will allow you to recap, swage, resize and trim in one operation … greatly speeding up the process.

Protected by U.S. Patent No. 9,494,398. Made in USA Logo

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