Powder Measure Stand Adapter
Powder Measure Stand Adapter
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New Model In Stock as of August 2nd, 2022!

The Powder Measure Stand Adapter allows you to store a Dillon Powder Measure on a Dillon 750/650/550 Toolhead Stand. Just attach the adapter to a Toolhead Stand and you are ready to store you Powder Measure safely, upright and out of the way.

The Powder Measure Stand Adapter has a groove for the Body Collar Clamp, so the Powder Measure can be clamped securely onto the adapter if desired. The Adapter attaches to the Toolhead Stand with a set screw … so it won't pull off the stand when removing the Powder Measure.

Fits Dillon XL750/XL650/RL550 Toolhead Stand (#22055) †
Set Screw Locks Adapter onto Toolhead Stand
Machined from Durable 6061-T6 Aluminum

New Features:
60° Chamfer on top for Easy Alignment with Powder Measure
OD Reduced 0.012″ for Easier Engagement/Disengagement
with Powder Measure
ID Tapered at Bottom to Match Taper of Toolhead Stand for a
Tight, Wiggle-Free Fit.

NOTE: The photo shows a preproduction sample of the new design.

Saves the expense of buying another Toolhead and Powder Die just for powder measure storage.
Saves You:
$53.00 for an RL 550
$59.00 for an XL 650 / XL 750

TIP: Dillon Toolhead Stands are light and tend to lift up when removing a toolhead or powder measure … unless the Toolhead Stand is screwed down to the bench. If you prefer not to screw it to the bench, you can weight it down using a UniqueTek Toolhead Stand Baseplate. The Baseplate adds 1.5lb to the Toolhead Stand and has rubber feet to prevent scratching the benchtop. You can further increase the total weight to about 3.75lb by filing the base of the Toolhead Stand with lead shot before attaching the baseplate. This extra weight will also increase the stability of the Toolhead Stand when a Powder Measure is attached.
† Dillon Toolhead Stand and Powder Measure shown in photos are not included. Made in USA Logo

Material Aluminum
Finish None
Length 1.5&Prim3;
Diameter 0.855″
Set Screw #8-32x1/8″

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Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
VERY handy tool.I don't have to empty powder tube or try to lean it in an AKRO bin every time I want to change it. Written by Thomas Collins on Wed 5 May 2021 11:58:14 PM GMT
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